Top 10 Uber App Highlights to Consider Before Creating An Uber Clone App

Top 10 Uber App Highlights to Consider Before Creating An Uber Clone App

If you’re a company that you are considering starting and operating for the millennial market, then it is crucial to provide both the convenience and urgency that the audience expects.

49% of users of on-demand apps are young adults. This figure shows how crucial on-demand is to this group of people. The reason for the growing popularity of on-demand apps can be explained by their ease of use as well as the approach to use taken in these applications.

If the statistics are any indication, then at the very least 60% of consumers within the U.S. are ready to pay more for products delivered that same day. They are looking for convenience and are willing to shell out the money to get it.

The models that are in demand such as Uber, Lyft, and Grab are not just suitable for consumers as well as the workers who work in this sector. One reason is that the sector of on-demand has provided numerous job opportunities for those who work in the. In addition, around 70% of employees who work in this field are satisfied and happy which increases the level of satisfaction of customers.

In discussing the popularity of taxi applications, we found the latest information about Grab the ride-hailing company based in Singapore that has received 300 million dollars from Invesco. However, making an Uber similar app or taxi booking application similar to Grab isn’t an easy job, since it is necessary to think about the right users.

You must first decide on the requirements of the app that you’re thinking of, and the second is to make sure you have the necessary features built into the app to ensure an enjoyable experience.

We will be talking about the Uber app features that you should include in your Uber app clone or we could call it that you have a taxi booking application to offer a better experience for the users. The aim is to make booking taxis simple and to track the progress of the customers.

10 Uber App Features Taxi and online Cab companies can consider when creating a Taxi App

1. Make reservations for a ride today or in the future

“Book Now or Later” feature “book immediately or at a later time” feature lets you reserve the ride. This is the most important feature your Uber-clone app should include. With the feature booking users can quickly access their rides and easily travel between locations. With the feature of booking later users can make reservations for their rides in the future.It is important to consider the “how do I book” is an important aspect to consider when you are implementing this option. It is recommended that you have the following info to reserve the ride.

  • The location where you pick up your vehicle
  • The drop location
  • The kind of vehicle that the customer would like to choose
  • The date and time are, in the event of the book’s later features

If you’re planning to leave the office or home for a doctor’s appointment and don’t want to be delayed, scheduling a ride or booking in advance is the best choice for the user.
This is the most crucial element of a taxi application booking that taxi startups or companies should consider when designing an app like Uber.

2. Real-time tracking of the driver

When passengers are uncertain about who their chauffeur is, they can feel extremely upset. This could lower their satisfaction and can influence their overall experience getting in the taxi. The best solution to handle this issue is to integrate the feature of real-time tracking in your app, with the help of GPS integration.

The feature allows users to monitor the driver’s location as well as the direction in which he’s traveling. If the driver isn’t moving from a particular place or is taking long distances, users can contact them and guide them to their pick-up point. This eases the lives of both passengers and drivers.

3. Let other riders follow you are the ride in real-time

Safety is an essential aspect for every person, and riders are always at ease when they discuss their ride with those close to them. If you permit this feature within your Uber-clone app and you can win the trust of your users. The idea is to let another person monitor the exact route that the driver takes and let people be aware of whether you’ve reached home safely or not.

It can also be helpful when you’re unfamiliar with a specific city and are not aware of the exact route. Sharing your information will aid in determining whether the route chosen by your driver is the correct one or not. The person with you who re-sharing your information will provide insight into the path that the driver has taken. It becomes easier and safer for the driver in the process.

4. Multiple payment options

Some don’t feel comfortable making payments via card or cash to ride. Certain riders do not carry cash, while others are hesitant to share the details of their cards on the app. The best approach to make it easier for riders is to offer a variety of payment options and let the customer choose the many choices available.

If someone is looking to pay using an app-based wallet, you must offer them the possibility to use this feature.

A Uber-clone app you’re creating should allow both offline and online payment options to the users. In certain instances, it is recommended to allow users to choose between paid and prepaid rides and let them choose the method of payment they consider the most practical.

5. Drivers who are preferred

A typical Uber passenger who rides Uber trips to work encounters a variety of drivers and then, after a while when they begin to have preferences based on their experience in dealing with drivers. The app should also permit users to choose the drivers they prefer, which will allow them to be the person who is the best decision and provide your company an benefit.

When the customer goes to make a reservation make sure you ask them whether they have a preference for the driver. This will make them feel more comfortable and enable them to select from the previous drivers they’ve used for their rides to the office. If the drivers in the app will let them ride.

6. Add multiple drop-off points

Are you traveling with your group of friends? Do you live in different places on the same road? Allow users to choose several drop-off locations on your app, making their lives easier. When you book your trip, be sure that you include the many stops the driver must make throughout the route. This is a possibility to add to the destination in itself.

If your customer needs to alter the drop-off times during the journey, ensure your app will allow this. The app will calculate the cost according to the new drop-offs. If you’re planning to share the cost with your buddies, make sure you select the option. Another option you can choose to use would be to use”adjust-on-the-go” or the “adjust to the spot” option, which alters the price as the journey progresses and you alter the drop-off points.

7. Rating and review of the driver

Why is a driver’s tale crucial to the user? You learn more about the driver who drives you to your destination. For instance, reviews and ratings reveal much about how their driver behaves, what they do, and whether they can provide an excellent experience to passengers or not. Users who have been with the driver previously have their opinions and let you understand what you can anticipate.

For your Uber-clone application, it is a crucial feature. It is important to allow users to provide honest feedback on the drivers. This can aid in determining what went into making the experience great or not so good. If you need to make improvements or improve something, you can do it by using the ratings and reviews users have shared. Ratings and reviews are the best way to improve your business.

8. Trip history

Are you interested in knowing the details of your ride and how you were billed? Do you want to know the amount you’ve spent on Uber rides? Want to know more about your last trip, including driver’s information and other things? This Trip History feature can be a crucial feature of the Uber-clone app.
It is important to save the trip history of your user and include it in their profile. In addition, the trip history must be part of the driver’s application. This will allow both parties to look into the details of the trip whenever needed. The driver can track their previous earnings using the history of their trip.

9. In-app chat option or call option

There are times that the user will want to communicate with the driver to find out their location, or to guide them to their destination. In some instances, users would like to talk to the customer support staff. In-app chat or call features can help with these kinds of issues. In reality, if the driver has difficulty finding the address they can contact or call the user and discover the address or find the address.

 10. Save destinations

If you plan to use the same locations in the future, instead of entering the same destination over and over again, you must save the places. This will allow you to arrange your rides and manage the process more effectively. This feature will enhance the overall experience of booking your customer gets through the app. You can save these destinations by giving them names like a home office, a second home, and so on. It is easy to save the details, and then simply add them to the location when you book. The app will recommend these locations to the user.


The development of an app such as Uber isn’t an easy job. You must decide on who you want to target for your app, based on the concept you are working on and the audience you intend to appeal to. Alongside defining the strategy and strategy, as well as the end purpose of the app you must plan the Uber features you should include in your ride-sharing application. Include these ten features because they are the foundation of Uber’s clone structure.

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