Top 5 Grocery Delivery Apps That Changed The Way Of Grocery Shopping

Top 5 Grocery Delivery Apps That Changed The Way Of Grocery Shopping

Instacart, Postmates, Walmart, and many more, Best Grocery Delivery Apps for 2020, contributed in transforming the grocery shopping experience for all working people who couldn’t manage to go to the supermarket every other week. Their experience reviews stimulate other people to trust and use online grocery shopping apps.

The online Grocery Delivery Service is a blessing for both customers and grocers. It supports local stores whether small or big by enabling them to join the on-demand economy through an API. Grocers can list their stores on such online grocery service apps and deliver the ordered groceries at the customers’ doorstep. On the flip side, customers can order and get delivered their groceries online with just a click and utmost comfort. The online grocery apps have been a boon during crises as well.

To give the latest example, we all are victims of the deadly coronavirus and witness how the virus jeopardized us and forced the Governments of 100+ countries to put us through the lockdown.

In that situation, when everything was untouched, one service still remained active: an online grocery delivery service. People are allowed to order grocery items through On-demand grocery delivery apps. And undoubtedly, top grocery delivery apps did an excellent job and helped people in supporting the lockdown guidelines.

In the article, we are discussing the top 5 grocery delivery apps, their services, and reviews from a user perspective.



Bigbasket is the biggest online food and grocery delivery store in India and also one of the Best 5 Apps for Grocery Delivery list. The app offers over 40000 products of our 1000+ brands right from fresh veggies and fruits, rice and dals, spices and seasoning to package, household & personal care needs at the best prices with free home delivery.

Bigbasket has offered a virtual supermarket in 25+ cities of India since 2011. Today, it has 10+ M downloads, and with 482k+ reviews, its average rating is 3.9 on Android, with 32k reviews and 4.4 ratings on iOS. 

The app offers numerous discount and rewards from new users to loyal customers, like: 

  • On-time delivery with 5% bill value back if delivery is late; 
  • Free delivery at doorstep above 1200 INR shopping;
  • Prompt return policy;
  • Monthly Cashback up to 300 INR;
  • Different delivery slot from 7 am to 10 pm and Priority Slots for prime members to schedule delivery even when all the slot are booked;
  • COD and Online payment options including PayTM, Credit/Debit, Net Banking;
  • Combo store offers a bunch of product of a particular necessity, let’s say, you can 3 gift pack of Celebration Cookies as a combo at a reduced price than 3 separate packages of the same product;Instacart


Founded by Apoorva Mehta, Instacart was first launched in June 2012 in San Francisco.  At present, the app operates in over 5500 cities of the United States and Canada (North America). Not only groceries, but it has a series of products, including beer, wine, spirits, and other household items. 

You can find over 20000 retailers on the app right from Aldi, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Lucky, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS and they continue to add more.

Instacart has a unique concept of grocery delivery and pick-up. It lets users have complete control over the app. We have got you covered with its lucrative features here;

  • As soon as you place an order groceries on Instacart, it gets you in connection with a local shopper that will visit the stores and buy items on your behalf to deliver at your doorsteps;
  • You can allow shoppers to call you if they come across any issue;
  • It takes a minimum order of $10, on the other hand, it provides the same-day grocery delivery and lets you select the delivery time an hour, two hours, or within an hour based on your location.

Other beneficial offers on Instacart;

  • Exclusive coupons and deals on the top products; 
  • Customize shopping lists and reorder items from previous orders;
  • Save items into a favorite tag for easier shopping;
  • Use Group Carts to shop together with friends, family & co-workers easily;Postmates


Postmates came into the on-demand economy with the goal to deliver anything, literally! And it is on its way to accomplishing that goal. Today, the popular food delivery app delivers anything from grocery stores, drugstores, and liquor, and even electronic stores depending on where you live and which nearby stores are available. The aggregator app, operating in 4200+ cities in the US, comprises 600k+ local restaurants and retailers.

The app first appeared in 2011 and has 10+ million downloads on both platforms, Android and iOS. 97k+ users have given the review on Google Play, whereas there are 1.1+ million reviews on the App Store. Let’s have a look at the different features that entice US consumers to opt for its services.

  • The delivery charges vary depending on the overall cost of the order. The more the order cost, the lesser the delivery charges;
  • Postmates Unlimited plan on $9.99/month for free delivery on orders above $12, an additional 17% saving on the first purchase of the plan;
  • Open to deliver anywhere their customers willing to receive, be it home, park, office, etc.;
  • Highly responsive 24/7 hours customer support;
  • The new feature added after the crisis of corona embarked in the world, i.e., CURBSIDE PICKUP. It lets you receive non-contact delivery. They describe how it works, “Once your pickup order is placed; you will have the ability to “Check-In” to notify the merchant to come outside to handoff your order.”
  • Postmates party is the feature that tells users of trending free delivery places around them.Walmart Shopping & Grocery

Walmart Shopping & Grocery

Walmart Shopping & Grocery is powered by one of the world’s most extensive service providers by revenue, Walmart Inc. The award-winning grocery shopping app Walmart Shopping & Grocery has no bar of fresh products, including fresh produce, meat, and seafood, dairy, bakery items, plus health and beauty products. 

The most used grocery app in the US, covers the markets of Canada, China, Mexico, as well. According to Statista, the app saw a 160% growth in the downloads during the pandemic. The online grocery store offers exciting free delivery offers. So, let us have a sight on its notable features without any delay.

  • Free next-day delivery that allows you to enjoy free delivery on your orders for the next two days after paying for ordering over $35 even without a membership;
  • Create and share shopping lists with store in-app local Walmart store assistance;
  • Add items into favorites purchased online or in-store to re-order faster;
  • Walmart Pay for touch-free checkouts and curbside pickup for non-contact deliveries;
  • Average ratings: 4.1 on Google Play and 4.7 on the App Store;Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Are you an Amazon prime member? Voila! Just download Amazon Prime Now to order and enjoy whole foods and essential items with ultra-fast delivery services at your doorstep. Amazon released its online supermarket Prime Now in 2016. On the app, users can find their favorite neighborhood grocery shops and supermarkets and order from a wide range of grocery and essential daily items, including household, electronics, health items, accessories, gifts, and many more within a few hours.

Besides, many famous and beloved local stores are there on Prime Now, which saves users from carrying heavy bags. Find some fascinating features of Amazon Prime Now that got the app ratings of 3.7 on Google Play and 2.5 on the App Store.

  • Select a convenient delivery slot from within an hour, on-hour, or two-hour window depending on the delivery location;
  • Return Policy to reject items at the time of delivery if you no longer wanted or the order is not as expected;
  • Claim for a full refund on expired or defective products at any time within ten days of delivery;
  • Exclusive deals and discount on products powered by local supermarkets and stores and get cashback on the first order; 

Winding Up

The list of the top 5 grocery delivery apps ends here with the hope that you must have discovered your takeaway after knowing these apps a little intimately. If you have not yet experienced online grocery shopping, try out any of these reliable apps. For enthusiast entrepreneurs and businesspeople, it calls for adopting and evolving with an on-demand app economy.

The future of on-demand delivery apps is luminous and advantageous for both customers and service providers. The paradigm is shifting; people’s preferences for shopping are changing from supermarkets and malls to online shopping apps and sites. It would be a significant loss for grocery business if they would not adopt the technology and develop the grocery delivery app today.

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