Top 5 Asp.Net MVC Open Source E-commerce Platform

Top 5 Asp.Net MVC Open Source E-commerce Platform

If you are looking for some open-source or free Asp.Net MVC e-commerce platforms, you have landed to the right place.

In this post, we have listed down the top five e-commerce framework especially in the use with the type of development experience you are looking for.



It is one of the open-sourcee-commerce platforms with a complete package of customized features of commercial software for front-end design and back-end functions.This is available for free and well-structured modular architecture serving well towards every merchant’s need.

Top Features

  • Mobile-Friendly – The current age is the mobile age. Henceforth it becomes important to create an online portal that suits the resolution and is mobile optimized. NopCommerce is a perfect choice with responsive design to allow the customers to shop and checkout along with store management and back-end operations facility.
  • Multi-vendor Support- It offers multi-vendor support for all kinds of stores to display products and resell them on the go.NopCommerce can handle two or more online stores not interfering with each other with a single admin area.
  • Easy Checkout- With NopCommerce you can configure and set upa payment gateway with multiple payment methods. It renders easy checkout with single page checkout, anonymous checkout, checkout attributes, and so much more.
  • Product Details-The user can check upon the various product details before purchasing it and make a comparison between two product features.
  • Promotional Program:Market your endless categories of products with unique promotional pricing and dynamic content.

Virto Commerce

Virto Commerce is another example of enterprise Microsoft’s E-Commerce platform design for all types of e-commerce businesses regardless of size.This enterprise-level platform is built on .Net 4.5, Entity Framework 6, MVC 5 and many other top technologies. It provides all the space to create,run, and grow a successful e-commerce store online.

Top Features

  • Scalable performance- This platform indeed leverages the scalable performance of any E-Commerce business type with responsive design to support devices of all kinds.
  • ModularArchitecture- The complete module based architecture meets all your needs to create and manage your new website.
  • Implement B2B and B2CSolutions- Set up your dream B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions including customized features and dynamic design within the fingertips.
  • Source Code Access- Enjoy flexible customization of any logic you see with the access of the complete source code.
  • Intuitive Back-endSystem- Manage checkout and payment gateway by using a clean and customized backend system provided inbuilt only.


Smartstore.NET is the most powerful open source e-commerce platform solution with the right blend of cutting-edge architecture, smooth design, and user-friendly. It comes handy with total web shop including high modular design and excellent features. The naive person requires no HTML or CSS coding knowledge to implement the creative design.

Top Features

  • Multilingual- To take your business globally, this platform offers multi-language support and settings for various currency calculations, tax, shipping, and more.
  • Mobile e-commerce- With different mobile layouts, this open-source platform promises mobile-optimized design for ultimate user experience on their favorite devices.
  • Multi-Store- Make the most of the sales with various brands by collaborating multiple stores from a single installation and database.
  • RESTful Web API- Implement a perfect work flowby integrating SmartStore.Net to manage business processes. The RESTful Web API empowers access to all the app resources.
  • SEO Friendly- The right blend of Sitemap, modern HTML layouts,Meta-tags, friendly URL, and Google Analytics integrated help you rank high on Google.
  • Easy to Handle- The various options of admin panel including Coupons, Products, Payment, Shipping, Blogs, News Letter, Offers, Inventory and much more make it easy to handle and control operations.


SimplCommerce is a very simpleand modularized e-commerce platform available completely free with no extra costs.Basically, it is builtin the .NET core framework capable to run well on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Top Features

  • Easy to Use-This platform is indeed simple to use with product modules for comparison, description, andvariations.
  • Cross-Platform- It is a cross-platform service based on .NET framework capable to perform well on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • 100% Open Source- Every feature and service of the product including tax, discount, payment, shipping, localization comes 100% free with no hidden cost.
  • Multi-Vendors- It allows multi-vendor support to sell various items through your website increasing sales.
  • Theming- One can easily choose their favorite theme from the SimplCommerce marketplace and integrate it into the new website.



DotShoppingCart is a CMS and e-commerce open-source solution to publish dynamic content on the website with no web programming knowledge. It is your one-stop-shop solution for building a website on a personal blog, dynamic website or powerful e-commerce platform.It is a proven tool to publish and manage content using modularized architecture.

Top Features

  • Multi-Language Support- It  provides localization and multi-language support to satisfy global business needs of the commerce industry.
  • Easy-setup- One can easily configure and setup using the modular admin panel of the DotShoppingCart without any programming skills.
  • CustomizedEmail Templates- Make use of customized email templates to run email marketing campaigns under various categories of promotion ads, customer notification, and product details.
  • Simplified Themes-Import and export theme out of the thumbnail list of themes and implement it within a click.
  • Tax Report-The tax report will guide you on filling the local sales tax.

Closing Note

We hope reading this article solved your problem in choosing the right e-commerce platform for your website. If you’re looking to hire a team of expert Asp.NET developers, contact us and send an inquiry at and we will reach you shortly to provide a free consultation.

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