Top 10 Event App Development Companies in 2020

Top 10 Event App Development Companies in 2020

We have noticed in the past couple of years that the uses of mobile applications are increasing rapidly. Now this industry is at the top because of pandemic and lockdown all over the world.

Especially after the pandemic of COVID-19, mobile applications are making our daily works easier. If a business chooses to develop through the digital medium, then they should pay attention to expand its original mobile application. According to a report INDIA FORBES, the percentage of spending through mobile has increased by 77% from January to April 2020.

People are using mobile applications to make payments in groceries, food, medicine, and more. It is high time for mobile applications. It enhances your customer reach, and that makes sure the growth of the business. The mobile app brings everything at one click.

Customers get to know about every section of business quickly. They can access it from anywhere anytime. They do not feel the hazards of going to the office or anywhere to get their job done. They can do it by themselves. As a mobile gadget is almost our daily friend, we cannot deny its help. In this technology-driven world, mobile can be the key to enhancement.

That is why an android app development company India should be hired to grow in this competitive market.

App Development CompaniesThat is all about the top 10 event app development companies in 2020. The list is the following:

Utility :

The utility is an award-winning company in crafting customised web software and mobile application. They are partners with more than 500 brands. They also support new business ventures.

The company has good project managers and the team who will be working to deliver the best quality to the customers.

The company can manage tight deadlines. They can deliver service by the time the customer needs it.

It is their past developing portfolio which is the key to hire them. The ratings, reviews, and feedback on the developer’s app must be checked and studied.

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Open excel:

It is one of the leading app development company. They are famous for their innovative features. They are experts in design, launching of app, app strategies, excellent agile app making.

They are technically sound and upgrade. This company work in programming languages like Kotlin, Swift, PHP, AngularJS, jQuery.

Their approach is very much explicit. It makes them appreciated al over the world.

They are efficient in open source platforms. It makes sure that they can develop customised apps according to the need and tastes of customers.


It is an award-winning digital product development company.

They provide an advanced toolkit which is a must to deliver the most up to date and high-quality development applications.

They are masters in coding, which is they can deliver a complete hazard free application for any device.

Their connections with previous clients are very adorable. Their opinions should be taken into account to hire the company or not. The information relating to the earlier clients is found in the clutch or extract folder of the company.

Hyperlink info system:

It is best for android and ios app development. They are one of the most famous companies in IT services.

It is an Indian company. It is based in Ahmedabad, Gujrat.

They maintain a very professional approach. Companies work in various sections of the business.

They have an excellent environment for work. Their staff and employees are amiable and equipped with modern technologies. They have easy solutions for everything from designing to bug-fixing.

They value hard work, integrity, enthusiasm, growth, consistency, and helping each other.

They always go for innovation and uniqueness. Their tremendous effort and quality thinking make the difference.

They provide excellent support and service. These companies are always committed to delivering the best quality service.


Their services are best in quality, but the pricing is reasonable according to others in this competitive market.

They ensure the top-notch service to grow. It is a very tricky and tiring job to develop an application which covers market criteria and helps business to increase as well. That is why the team must be experienced.


Their priority is the satisfaction of the customers always. This is why the commitment to deliver the best quality service is a must for them.


The customer service of these companies is available 24/7. If this does not happen then the maintenance of the application is way more complicated.


The approach of the company is very innovative. They are committed to delivering the best in class and satisfactory customer service. They always seek to upgrade and be sound with technologies.


One of the best advantages of this mobile app development company is the low investment. The companies which are in a highly competitive market with big companies but their capital is short can make the most out of business with the help of a great mobile application developed by this app development company.

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Softqube Technologies Pvt Ltd:

This comparatively new in this sector. They are emerging talent in this industry. They can be equipped with the best technologies all over the world. They have excellent customer support service. They try to deliver the best quality service in a customised way to the customers. Softqube Technologies is the kind of company that can ensure the growth of your business at a very reasonable rate.

They work in various sections. They develop mobile applications, and they use Microsoft technologies also. They do website designing and development. They do open source development. They are continuously updating and emerging technologies.

The most important thing that a mobile app development company provides is making the app compatible with android and ios devices both. No doubt it is a crucial feature. If the application is not bug-free in all devices and operating systems, then that is a real problem.

This is why one should always make sure to collaborate with these top-ranking companies in this field. The technologies that these mobile development companies use create significant characteristics for the mobile platform presence of your business.

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