A Video-Streaming App that Caters to Global Viewers
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A Video-Streaming App that Caters to Global Viewers

A Video-Streaming App that Caters to Global Viewers

Video-streaming business is booming. The lucrative industry that was valued at $36.64 billion in 2018, is projected to hit $123.2 billion by 2024. The remarkable numbers raise the question, what is soo great about the service?

Well, for starters, it has completely changed the entertainment industry. The unique on-demand service caters to movies, soap-operas, documentaries, music, and other forms of motion pictures seamlessly. With a smart app, users can watch their favorite videos directly via their smart devices.

Who are the major players in video-streaming services?

Well, Netflix is leading the market with its video-rich app followed by Hulu, Amazon-Prime, and others. They offer custom services to subscribed users. Even though certain service providers like Hotstar do provide free content, but they recommend a monthly subscription fee for uninterrupted access to high-quality videos.

Can I enter this business?

Of course, with a robust Netflix clone app, you very well can enter and even dominate the market. The demand for on-demand video-streaming services is on the rise, and current players are struggling to meet the growing needs.

What features should be part of the app?

Features are what makes an app stand out from the rest. Let’s check out some critical features that can make this possible:

For users

Social media login

Trust me; this feature ensures you reach the global audience. Social media login removes the hassle of traditional sign-ups by using user’s social media credentials for easy access to the app.

Profile management

Users can create and manage their profiles with information such as name, password, payment details, billing address, and others. They can further customize the app with unique themes, preferred video mode (landscape or portrait) and others.

Search & filter

This smart feature assists users in searching for their favorite video content, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, music videos, and others. The advanced filter (when applied) enhances the search process and delivers relevant results.

Payment gateways

To ensure secured subscription from global users, integrate numerous popular payment gateways into the Uber-like app. With various payment options such as credit/debit card, digital wallets, and others, a seamless payment experience is ensured for users.

Rate & review

This feature offers users the flexibility to rate & review the video content in the app. Likewise, users can decide on which videos to watch based on the existing reviews & ratings by other viewers.


A platform can thrive across the world if it caters to global language speakers. Videos of numerous languages & country genres with custom subtitles will ensure hassle-free viewing experience.

Social media share

To popularize the app and the content, users can be offered the flexibility to share their favorite movies, TV shows, and other information on their social media accounts. Note, the links shared would redirect new users to your app.


You can notify users with information on the latest movies, documentaries, TV shows, or special offers or subscription renewal reminders. Notifications include push-notifications, SMS, and email alerts. 

For admin (you)

Video management

With the custom admin panel, you can manage the video content uploaded on the on-demand video-streaming app. This will include uploading, editing, or removing movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other content with ease.

Genre management

A crucial feature, users search for videos based on genre. Segregating video content into movies, TV shows, documentaries, and others under categories of action, drama, romance, and other segments will enable a glitch-free experience for users.

Manage ratings & reviews

Admins can monitor and manage the ratings & reviews provided by app users. This will ensure the quality of the video-streaming platform by updating services and content on a timely basis.

Manage notifications

Sending custom notifications to users and updating them on the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other motion pictures can be done via push notifications, email, and SMS.

Ad management

With a smart app, you can showcase custom advertisements and promotions to users but ensure that the ad spaces are strategically placed for maximum viewership.

Subscription management

You can manage the subscription requests from users via an on-demand video streaming app like Netflix. Additionally, you can share renewal reminders to service subscribers. 

I am interested, but how to get the app developed?

Let’s not waste time. Get in touch with AppDupe. They offer the most remarkable Netflix clone app development solution in the digital ecosystem. Their expert developers have the required experience in designing and developing creative applications that catch users’ attention instantly.

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