What Does it Take to Create a Spotify Clone App?
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What Does it Take to Create a Spotify Clone App?

What Does it Take to Create a Spotify Clone App?

According to Statista, Revenue in the Music Streaming segment amounts to US$12,435m in 2020. Music has become an integral part of the lives of the people. People tend to hear music via music streaming platforms. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020–2024) of 5.7%, resulting in a market volume of US$15,520m by 2024. With apps like Spotify already beginning to reap this vast cultivated market, this can be an ideal time to enter this venture. A Spotify clone App development can be highly beneficial to the business owner. So what does it take to create a Spotify clone app?

What is a Spotify clone app?
Spotify is an online music streaming application that can let you listen to your favorite music online. Spotify provides access to various music platforms globally including e-books, podcasts, concerts, etc. With Spotify, users can stream 30 Million songs online.
A Spotify clone app can be an advanced version of the Spotify app with features more compatible with the users. Before developing a Spotify clone app, there are certain must-have features in the app.
Features of a Spotify clone app
  • User Registration: Users upon downloading the app can register via different social media platforms
  • Search for Music: Users can search for any music of his/her choice in the app.
  • Creating playlists: Users can create diversified playlists by adding or deleting songs to them.
  • Radio: Users can access the radio in the app by applying various filters to the language and type of music needed by them.
  • Premium subscriptions: Users can opt for a premium subscription wherein songs can be downloaded and listened offline.
Supplementary features
  • AI personalized suggestions: Personalized suggestions based on the user’s interest can be an advanced feature. Users will find it more attractive if suggestions are made based on their interests.
  • Free subscriptions: Users may find it beneficial if subscriptions are given to them on a free or a trial basis for a limited period. If users find it appealing, they can opt for a full-time subscription by making the necessary payment post period.
  • The ‘Following’ feature: Users can follow podcasts or music platforms on the app. If a new post is made by the user-following platform, users can be notified instantly with the help of push notifications. This makes the app more reliable.
Summing up
Music streaming apps are highly essential in this fast-moving world. People demand music be played on the go. A Spotify clone app can be an ideal business option. Advanced planning and proper execution can help the app to sustain the rapidly changing market. These Spotify clone apps can be developed either from scratch or by approaching an app development company. An app development company produces white-label apps that can be customized according to the business owner’s specifications. Now is the right time to develop a Spotify clone app to compete against rivals in the market. So, what are you waiting for?

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