Why 2020 Is The Right Time To Invest In Food Delivery App

Why 2020 Is The Right Time To Invest In Food Delivery App

Owing to the advancements in technology and the widespread phenomenon of globalization, the reliance on mobile applications has been soaring up and high. For this app mania, food delivery is no longer an exception. Entrepreneurs are increasingly coming forward to invest in food delivery app development

Read further to know more about On-demand food delivery app development. This article has discussed the top reasons why you should invest in the food delivery app this 2020. 

Why apps for food delivery? 

Before analyzing why 2020 is the best time, let us discuss why we need mobile apps for food delivery. 

  • Food delivery apps have several exciting features for the benefits of the users. 

Benefits for the customers:

    • Users can link their social media accounts. 
    • They can know the status of their order in real-time. 
    • Users can place orders and schedule it for later. If they want to repeat their orders, they can also reorder the same items as earlier.  
    • Several payment gateways are integrated to ensure that financial transactions are faster and more secure. 
    • Notifications through email, SMS, or push notifications to help them stay informed about the status of the order or any other updates. 
    • With the help of a well-maintained database, they can easily search for restaurants or food items that fit their preferences. 
    • They can share their feedback or complaints about the services provided.  

Benefits for the deliverers:

    • They can create an account with a mobile number or email ID. So, unlike an agency, the process of profile creation is easier. 
    • They can mark their availability. If they are already on an assigned ride, they can mark their status as unavailable to take orders. 
    • They can also update the status of the order with the app. This includes information about whether they have arrived at the restaurant, picked the order, or delivered the order. 
    • Besides, they can also accept or reject any order that has been placed. If a delivery person rejects the order, another person gets to accept it. This makes sure that the customers are not disappointed at any point in time. 
    • They get regular notifications via emails, SMS, or push notifications about order requests, payment confirmation, etc., 

Benefits for the restaurant/admins:

    • The restaurant owners or admins can monitor the status of the order with the utmost accuracy. 
    • They can manage the dispatch of the delivery staff with ease. The app allows them to dispatch both automatically as well as manually. 
    • With the help of powerful dashboards, they can manage the payments from and to the customers and the staff, respectively. 
    • They also have a dedicated feature to toggle their availability status.
    • The dashboard also helps them to manage the disputes. 
    • They can also manage their promotional events by posting ads or sharing newsletters on a regular basis. 
    • Regular notifications via emails, SMS, and push notifications to stay informed about the status and progress of the deliveries and orders.  

But why is 2020 considered the right time to invest in food delivery app development? 

Performance and efficiency are not the only factors that determine the success of a business. It should also have the required scope. According to Statista, “Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$9,207m in 2020.” And it is just February now. So, imagine the reach of food delivery services and the impact it has created. Thus, it is explicit that the development of mobile applications for food delivery has never-ending scopes. 

Summing Up!

Whatever stage of food delivery business you are in, never mind! Getting an app developed for your business will be highly beneficial and revenue-generating. However, give your best, and stay focused. Do enough market research before you decide the company you wish to partner with. Have a word with the development team prior to the commencement of the project. You can also get a free quote. This will help you make a comparative analysis. Stay tuned for more exciting and useful content!

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