Why Choose Flutter For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Why Choose Flutter For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Flutter is developed by Google and it’s an open-source mobile app development framework that allows building high-quality mobile apps for both Android & iOS. Continue reading to know the reasons to choose flutter for mobile apps.

In this competitive world where technology is king and if you want to stand out unique from the rest then you must adopt a mobile app solution for your business. There are several factors that you can consider to make a reliable and effective mobile app.

In this digital world, various advancements of technologies are flourishing over the globe. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the latest technologies and trends that can assist businesses in reaching the next level of success.

Flutter is one of the booming technology which has gained massive popularity in a short time compared with other existing frameworks in the market. It is an open-source UI framework created by Google which empowers the Android app development company to develop a cross-platform mobile app. Utilizing a single codebase, it can build up an application or an interface on all the required platforms.

Pros of Flutter

  • Developing Android and iOS simultaneously
  • Faster prototyping
  • Lesser coding
  • Suitable for MVP
  • Widget

Why Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development?

  • Faster Development Cycle

Flutter is very quick compared to other frameworks that take only 25 seconds for compilation. It utilizes dart language for compilation and interpretation of the code. The dart compiles the application code into the native OS code and enhances the reloading. This way it assists to augment the pace of apps.

  • Built-in Testing

Another leading advantage of Flutter is it provides built-in testing. Dart language imparts a dedicated unit that is sufficiently capable of the support unit and widget testing. Fundamentally, unit testing tests the business logic while widget testing tests the whole functionalities of the UI. Subsequently, Flutter will decrease the requirement for other testing tools and modules.

  • Ease of Code Sharing

Flutter app development procedure will permit the developer to reuse the code again once it has been written. It supports its own widget library which facilitates work by app developers.

Wrapping up

Flutter has become the first choice of startups and utilized by tech giant Google, Alibaba, Appstore, Apptree, etc. If you are considering developing your own mobile app then it is the ideal time to start with. You can hire a reliable Flutter App Development Company that imparts Flutter app development services.

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