Why Consider Laravel As The Best PHP Framework To Develop Applications in 2023?

Why Consider Laravel As The Best PHP Framework To Develop Applications in 2023?

In a rapidly growing digital tech-savvy world, PHP has retained its charms like a pearl amongst users and brand owners. The big reason behind this consistent dominance belongs to its frameworks. 

PHP has many frameworks, such as Laravel, Symfony, Codelgniter, Slim, Zend, etc. Out of these, Laravel has climbed to the top PHP MVC frameworks due to its flexibility and staggering offerings. With 45000+ stars on GitHub, Laravel is the most trending repository. 

But what makes Laravel unique? And how come it has become enterprises’ first choice to build bespoke web applications? Let’s find out!

Why opt for Laravel for web development?

With each technological advancement, companies around the globe are actively evolving with the latest digital tech stack to enhance their reach and revenue. In contrast, the urge to develop highly functional with systematic workflows, websites/web applications has surpassed all extensions. 

The inclusion of high-tech frameworks has given this urge a new viewpoint. Frameworks like Laravel have enhanced the possibilities of creating flexible and robust web applications. Lately, Laravel has witnessed significant growth in its adoption worldwide. The PHP frameworks now stand at the top back-end frameworks, along with Django, Flask, and ExpressJs. 

Some of the varied security features of Laravel are:

  • It easily integrates with a valid token form
  • It ensures flawless syntax
  • Laravel has the best coding practice compared to other frameworks
  • Its caching system stores numerous cached items

But apart from the above, what else Laravel consists of? I guess the answers lie in the below sections. So let’s follow it to understand the immense popularity of Laravel. 

7 primary prospects that make Laravel the best PHP framework for application development in 2023!

Although there are many, we choose to highlight the top seven reasons to pick Laravel as your next web application development in 2023. 

Here are the reasons:

Open-source Language – The first and foremost important aspect of Laravel is that it is free and open-source. Since its existence in the digital market, it has constantly evolved with the latest digital trends to ensure high-end compatibility with emerging technologies. 

Some of the core offerings of Laravel are:

-> A huge and active developer community

-> Frequent launching and upgradation of plugins/modules

-> Easily available tutorials and resources

-> Ample space for customization

Security & Authentication – A framework with 100% security assurance will always become the first choice for any web application development. Laravel comes with an in-built CSRF token that handles various online threats. It ensures the high-end protection of web applications against significant cybersecurity risks.  

MVC Support – MVC or Model View Controller, renowned as an architectural pattern in Laravel, helps developers manage complex data and coding structures. It also helps in viewing files in more logical directories. With MVC, a web application stays in control of its functionality.  

Blade Template Engine – Laravel comprises a blade template engine that helps users combine one or more templates with a data model to generate productive views. It also brings controlled structures like conditional states mapped with their PHP counterparts. 

Broadcasting Event – Broadcasting in Laravel ensures seamless real-time data implementation in modern web applications. It allows Laravel developers to share event names between the server-side & client side. In contrast, Laravel consists of easy-to-understand observer patterns that allow you to subscribe to various events occurring in the application. 

Unit Testing – In Laravel, you can comprehensively test every code to enhance quality parameters. Unit testing is a process that lets developers customize a solution as per application needs. Unit testing helps detects and prevent regressions in the framework, making the app bug-free and high performing. 

Artisan Commands – The best PHP framework has a unified command-line called Artisan. Using this command line, developers ensure seamless data migration and management. Moreover, it helps obtain MVC files and data configuration management.

Now that you know the top reasons to choose Laravel for your next web application development, let’s look at some of its astounding benefits. 

Core benefits of Laravel App development:

Popular Framework – Laravel has been the go-to framework for intuitive and highly scalable web application development. It is hugely popular and has an extensive developer base worldwide. Whenever you get stuck in any of the stages of web app development, you will get instant solutions from the community. That’s the primary reason it has maintained its top position amongst the best framework for developing web applications for a long time.   

Multilingual Support – Implementing the multilingual features in your applications means you are open to a broader audience. Creating web apps in various languages improves its reach, automatically enhancing sales and revenue. Laravel offers versatility and an opportunity to create applications in multiple languages. 

High-end Performance – Page responsiveness and loading speed often become a matter of concern for many brands. However, Laravel users are always reassured about it. The best PHP frameworks have many in-built functionalities and features that efficiently manage the website loading response. 

Reduce time to market – Time is essential, especially in web app development. Today enterprises are showing more interest in investing in those tech stacks which can quickly bring results. Laravel has many built-in tools and functionalities that quickly integrate into an application. Due to this, the development time got reduced significantly. As a result, web apps quickly get deployed in the web browser, and brands bring additional time to capture the market.

These were some of the esteemed benefits of Laravel. If you wish to develop your web apps using Laravel, we suggest you hire Laravel developers now. 


Secure, scalable, fast, reliable, and convenient – Laravel owns all these terms with its impeccable offerings. Many enterprises have made this framework their by-default option to develop dynamic web applications. However, they are getting help from professionals time-to-time. If you are wondering about getting started with Laravel development, partnering with a Laravel app development company is the wisest choice at any given time. 

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