How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application?

How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application?

Android is the most adaptable and user-friendly operating system for mobile devices as compared to other operating systems and the Android platform is one of the most common platforms for mobile applications. Google is constantly introducing new features to this platform with every new release.

After the successful release of Android 10 that brought many significant alterations to the app permission front, Android 11 is all set to hit the market soon and this is great news for everyone who is a follower of Android and desperately waiting for more enhanced features of the same. With the introduction of Android 10, Google raised its development graph to a higher level. The same applies to Android 11 as well.

Although the final build of Android 11 is yet to get released, the current developer preview tells the entire story where Google is planning to take the operating system. Android 11 will introduce a number of new features and technical improvements that are going to impact the Mobile Application Development to a great extent for sure. If you are looking to Hire Android Developers to get benefited from all these features then Indylogix Solutions is here to help.

Let us find out how Android 11 is going to be different than the previous versions of Android and how it is going to change the development of mobile applications.

Feature set of Android 11

The available Android 11 developer preview helped us to find out the changes that the latest OS version is going to introduce shortly. The new Android 11 features you need to know about are as under

  1. Messaging improvements

Android 11 is going to bring a lot of improvements to the user’s messaging experience.

The changes that have been included in the same are as under

  1. The concept of chat bubbles has been introduced in this latest version to hide all the continuing talks in a small bubble on the side of the screen. Users can tap on these bubbles to reveal a particular conversation.
  2. To allow immediate access to all the continuing conversations, it has added a dedicated chat section on the notification screen.
  3. Android 11 has made it feasible for users to post images when they answer a message from notifications.
  1. Privacy and security update

Google has taken care of privacy and security aspects to a great extent. The latest version of Android is coming with a lot of privacy and security updates that will aid in providing better privacy and security of user data.

  1. Permissions

In Android 11, when the user starts to use the application, the app will be asking for the right to use complex features every time the application is launched. When the user will close the app, all the given permissions will be taken back. They will no more be available to the app for next time use. This way users will be able to grant the permissions to the app on a one-time basis.

  1. Support for 5G phones and foldable devices

The latest Android version will provide support for foldable Android devices and will have possibilities to allow customization. Google has also provided complete support for the 5G network in the latest Android version which is one of the key features to enhance the overall user experience.

  1. Enhanced Wifi experience

In Android 11, Google has introduced new innovations to aid developers in increasing the wifi app experiences among the mobile users.

Now, let us find out how Android 11 new features are going to impact the development of mobile applications. The changes that these features are going to bring in to the overall Mobile App Development can be broadly divided into three categories: Behaviour Changes, New Features and APIs, Privacy and Security Changes. The important impacts of the new features of this latest version of Android on mobile apps can be seen as under


Mobile-App-Development 2

  1. Users can keep a check on the arrival of the permission dialog box

Android 11 will diminish reoccurred requests appearing to ask for a particular permission. When the user selects the ‘Deny’ option two times for a particular permission, It will assume the ‘Don’t ask again’ and will not show the permission dialog box again for that permission.

  1. Support for 5G

5G has a lot of advantages to offer to mobile apps. Android 11 is going to provide complete care to the technology resulting in strengthened user experience that includes the speedy transfer of files, enhanced streaming speed, etc.

  1. Better security of data

In order to protect user data in an enhanced way, all the user’s app usage details will be saved in a more secure way. Hence, it will not be possible for any system or app to obtain the data until some coding work is not applied.

  1. Reduced data redundancy

Android 11 enables the massive datasets to get stored on devices on a shared basis to reduce the data redundancy in the circumstances where an application needs to use an identical dataset on another application. In previous versions of Android, both the applications were required to download separate copies of the same dataset for each which is no more required in this latest version of the operating system.

  1. Enhanced support for neural network apps

Android is making attempts to get a Machine Learning app goes easily on devices. Hence, it is more fruitful to run an app on Android 11 if the app relies on Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

The introduction of Android 11 is going to contribute towards better development of mobile applications in a number of ways. It is surely going to provide mobile users with an outstanding user experience while making the use of mobile applications. It is also going to give a lot of support to mobile app developers because of the amazing features it is coming with.

If you have plans to transfer your app to Android 11, Get in touch with us to implement your plans and take benefits from the amazing features the operating system is going to introduce!

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