9 Essential Tools & Accessories for Diamond Painting and 5D Diamond Painting.

9 Essential Tools & Accessories for Diamond Painting and 5D Diamond Painting.

After purchasing a diamond painting kit of your choice, you are all set for the fun using the accessories and tools in the package. However. As time passes, the tools in your general kit might not be sufficient to support you come up with great artworks effortlessly. You will especially find it necessary to purchase a broad range of crucial tools and accessories when you have advanced kits such as the 5D diamond painting sets that enable you to craft shinier and more advanced paintings.

There are various tools that you can purchase to boost your diamond painting Kaufen experience such as sticky pens, stickers, plates, embroidery boxes, tweezers and label stickers, plus many more. The diversity of these tools will depend on what you intend to achieve in your artworks. Here are some of the essential tools and accessories that can help you boost the quality of your diamond paintings.



This is an essential supply that comes with all diamond painting Kaufen kits. While most of them come with easy-to-follow instructions on the appropriate ways to use them, it is important to master how they are used. They are usually made up of small labeled, numbered and colored boxes that correspond to certain colors of the diamond. You will find all the numbers on the chart with their corresponding bags with the colors of the diamond written either below or on it.

You should treat squares that have letters or symbols as opposed to numbers as numbers. You should first roll the canvas on a flat surface and secure it with masking tape like a board that can be removed with ease later. There are different sizes of canvases depending on the kit you purchase. It is advisable to start with smaller basic ones before you gradually advance to larger and more complex ones.


Crystals are essential diamond painting tools that make all the work possible. They are available in a broad spectrum of colors and come in different bags. Before you get to work, you should choose the most ideal box on the canvas. This is how it works; upon identifying the right number on the canvas box, you should check the chart and select a matching number then proceed to pick the crystals with a similar number from the bag.

Sticky pens

Sticky pens are essential 5D diamond painting tools used to pick up the rhinestones, drills or beads. They are various types in the market, some that can pick up more than just one crystal. It is simple; all you have to do is to press the sticky pen against the crystals, lift then press the crystals on the square that corresponds to them on the canvas. Do it gently to ensure that they stick appropriately.

Crystal trays

With 5D diamond painting, you need to be armed with all essential tools of trade, but you also have to keep them organized. The easiest way to hold rhinestones, drills or crystals is to use a tray. Some kits come with different trays to hold the various colored crystals. Bear in mind that during painting, you can only work on one patch of the canvas each time. Your work will be simplified if you have colors segmented in different trays so that you don’t have to strain or get mixed up. Remember, diamond painting Kaufen is an activity that calls for precision. You must be focused and work step by step if you are to get the best results. A cluttered work environment is not recommended because you will be unable to concentrate.


When you purchase your kit of diamond painting set, most vendors ensure that the package also contains a pair of tweezers which can be used in place of pink pens to pick drills. Most painters prefer alternating the two. They are especially recommended and effective at picking square drills compared to the pink pens, which are more effective with the round drills for filling up holes. You can also use tweezers to remove drills that have been displaced. Advanced diamond painting fanatics can use tweezers for the placement of more than one drill at once. Just like other accessories, tweezers are available in a variety of designs and you may have to try out and practice with a number of them before mastering the art.

Glue or wax pads

For the diamond crystals to be placed properly on the canvas and to remain stuck there, you need a wax or glue pad. They are available in different sizes and shapes, but you can as well improvise at home. What is critical is getting the right quality of glue or wax that can hold the diamond firmly after placement with a pink pen.

Magnifying lamp

The canvas symbols and the diamond crystals can be tiny for a naked eye. This can make 5D diamond painting a bit hectic, a challenge that can be fixed with a magnifying lamp. With this, you can properly see all key details on the canvas for effortless painting without necessarily straining your eyes. There are various models of these lamps; some can be attached or placed on the table, while others have their own floor stands. Similar to designs, prices of these lamps equally vary.

Rolling pins

Working on your painting can be tiresome, and the last thing you want is to have the drills falling off the canvas after thinking that you have done it justice. Using glue is one on thing, but you need to ensure that they stick well on the canvas. To do that, you use a rolling pin that is used to apply some pressure. The rolling pin also ensures that there is uniformity of the drills, without any popping up. They come in different forms, mainly plastic and wooden but there are some with wooden handles and a silicon center. The choice of the rolling pins for your diamond painting Kaufen should be determined by the size of the paintings, personal preferences and price factor.

Diamond painting label stickers

Stickers are essential in simplifying your 5D diamond painting experience. You need to go for superior quality labels that are waterproof and self-adhesive. Every sticker has a number that matches the colors of the crystals, making it easier for you to spot the diamond and simply your painting experience.

Diamond painting Kaufen is a craft that requires various tools and objects. Sometimes, you might misplace some of these, reason why you need a dedicated box to safely store away your threads, beads, crafty items, rhinestones, among others. With the right box, you can save a lot of time because you don’t have to waste time figuring out where to find colored crystals for whatever application. It is recommended that you go for the transparent boxes that can easily be labeled but with strong lids.

The choice of your tools and accessories for diamond painting will vary. You might not need advanced tools when starting, but with time, you will find them necessary. Each tool is unique and plays a specific role in the creation of amazingly holistic artworks.

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