How Is Corporate Entertainment Changing In India Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic?

How Is Corporate Entertainment Changing In India Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic?

The Corporate entertainment india has gone through some changes over the last few years and the Glowdiators are at the centre of it. The LED Tron dance group has been here for quite some time now. The dance groups first started out in Delhi and now are making splashes in other cities like Ahmedabad Gujarat. Big corporations are now hiring performing artists and crews  members like Glowdiators to promote their brand or products through the medium of art instead of unveiling their latest products at such events and pushing sales through  marketing.

What is that Glowdiators do differently than other performance crews?

Sure, India, a country which thrives in art has many talented, popular performance crews but Glowdiators have made a place for themselves by choosing a niche and by bringing a completely different kind of dance form to the public eye – they introduced to the general public to led Tron dance, which previously unheard of in the Indian subcontinent. The youth and the public, in general, are well aware of popular western dances like whacking and hip hop, but they had no idea what led Tron dance was. The Glowdiators chose to adopt such a dance form and bring to everyone’s notice. The dance form itself is unique. It not only has a unique choreography, but it also plays with lights creating beautiful illusions and imageries, which are not possible otherwise. The beautiful act of dance with light creates such spectacular visuals that it leaves the audience awed.

The members all have flavors of their own as they come from different dance backgrounds, and this all comes together when they set choreography and perform together as a group. Their different dancing styles add versatility, which enables them to perform a wide number of led Tron dances! They are able to showcase a wide range of performances for different occasions like a corporate function, or promotional event, or any other live event.

A unique way of promoting your brand


Have you ever thought about promoting your brand in some other way than regular marketing? Even if you did not, the Glowdiators did. The Glowdiators create performances around brands to promote them or speak to the public through their performance what the brand represents. Art is a better way of expression than putting ads in the faces of customers, and corporations are getting that slowly. Big corporate giants have already made a move to hire performance crews like Glowdiators to promote their brands. The Glowdiators are not just performers; they are storytellers. They tell a story through music, dance, and light. Using light in the performance helps them to create images that otherwise would not have been possible. The use of light elevates the performance, which wins over not only the audience but also leaves an imprint in their minds, and when you want your brand to be remembered, this is the best way to do it.

Different dance acts that enthrall the audience

The Glowdiators one of the best-led Tron dance group offers the following Tron dances:

  • An alien theme Tron dance act which combines weird costumes, Dubstep, and electro music to produce that feel that you are in a sci-fi movie.
  • Tron Bhangra dance act showcases the dance form Bhangra with upbeat Punjabi songs. This is an act that is full of energy and can, for sure, pump up the audience.
  • Laser man show is a one-man show, whereby only one performer uses light to create illusions along with some instrumental music to set the feel of a hi-fi thriller movie.
  • Led wall mapping or otherwise animatronics combines graphics with light play. This is an interactive act.
  • MJ/Psy Tron dance act combines MJ style dancing with some upbeat music. Due to the Korean wave into the country, the group has also included psy style dancing. This is a power-packed dance act.

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