How to Identify a Fake Artwork from the Original One While Buying Online?

How to Identify a Fake Artwork from the Original One While Buying Online?

Indian folk art is alive in many parts of the country which are passed down from one generation to another with the passage of time. India is a country that is culturally diverse and distinct and the rich cultural diversity of India is reflected in the folk art and craft that can be summed up as vivid, distinct and enchanting. There are various painting styles that can be seen across various regions and these varieties of art forms have evolved over the years. The most famous forms of art that are prevalent in India are Madhubani hailing from Bihar, Kalighat paintings from Kolkata, Rajasthan’s most famous Phad, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, and many more.

Traditionally all the paintings existed in the form of wall paintings but with the passage of time and arrival of urbanization these paintings are being made on paper, canvas, and cloth and got adapted to new paint colors. Previously it was difficult to buy these paintings as people did not have a proper idea where to buy these paintings from and the handmade craft stores were also not in good numbers. But a true admirer of paintings cannot stay away too long from it, thus, with the coming of online shopping portals, it all has become easy. What is still considered difficult is to identify a fake piece of art from the original one while purchasing it online as you are not seeing it or touching it while buying.

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Shopping has truly gone digital over the last ten years or so. Buying flight tickets, electronics, groceries, furniture and jewelry, everything is available online. In the same way the various art forms are also easily available on online portals and are the very season. But when it comes to purchasing this high-value art, we need to be really cautious. Despite the various benefits of buying online, we cannot deny the fact that there is no physical interaction with the seller and on top of that there is no surety about the authenticity of the artwork.

Some key points to consider before buying art online-

1) Trust your educated intuition

It’s important to research well before buying anything online. One should study the product or the artwork which you may be considering purchasing. Say, if you are willing to buy relief art painting then be very sure of it before putting your money as with the change in the market and time whatever seemed precious sometime back might not have the same value currently. In this case, you need to trust your instincts and knowledge in this genre.

2) Confirm about its permanence

Keep your eyes open to duplicates and other forms of unauthentic art forms in the market. It is a common practice that thick paint is reapplied over the paintings to make it look original. There are many websites that are offering substandard art. In this case, take special care and compare other artworks of the artist, and their signatures. It is always preferred to do your homework regarding the artwork, the artist who has made it and the website from where you are purchasing it.

3) Whom you are buying from

It is a well-known fact that the online sellers act as agents between the artist and the audience. They serve as middlemen and earn a percentage over the profit earned from the sale. It is very important to verify the agent before making the purchase.  It is important to know how much experience he has in the field. It would help in ascertaining the ability of his commitments.

4) Resume or biography of the artist.

Before you make the purchase of your favorite piece of art that appeals to your senses it is advisable to cross-check and research the artist whose artwork you are planning to buy. The Internet is a platform that can help you in checking his works, his profile and whether he is a local, national, or international artist. His credentials can serve as a parameter and that could also be checked through his awards and titles won. Go through his resume or biography to have a proper idea about the type of work he does. If he is a part of any recognized artist forum or professional groups then you can go ahead with the purchase.

5) Cross-check the Legitimacy of the art piece.

There are some important points to keep in mind when you are planning to buy an artwork online like whether it is a second-hand or a pre-owned product, the present condition of the artwork. A specialist can also be of great help in this matter as he can provide his expertise on the artwork.

6) Demand certificate of authenticity.

You should do your research work and look for a credible company that gives all the necessary information. But the best thing you could rely on is the certificates awarded to the artwork as it can justify its authenticity. Apart from that, certificates from a known art gallery and the signature of the artist on the artwork are another proof of authenticity.  It is your right to ask for any documentation that can be a source of authenticity, and that can be proof from the dealer, gallery or representative of the artist.

7) Check your medium of delivery

When you place an order for an artwork makes sure that the seller uses a professional shipper.  It is very important to be sure that your item is delivered safely and reaches you in proper conditions.

8) Pay a fair price for the artwork you are buying

Everyone wants to pay a fair price for his/her purchase so it is better to beware of duplicated work which may be available at huge discounts online. The items that are offered in the clearance sale may not be of authentic quality, condition or originality. It is good to compare prices to get the best deal for yourself. It may also happen that you trip over a masterpiece at an unbelievably low price then act smart as the artwork may be fake or too good to be true.

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End Note

Detection of fake art or products that are sold online is a big task that requires patience and wisdom. Whether you are buying a painting, a sculpture, or block print bed sheets the authenticity should be taken into consideration. Rest all you require is the passion to own an authentic piece of art or an original product.

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