Tips For Choosing The Photo Frame Designs

Tips For Choosing The Photo Frame Designs

With a Photo Frame Design, you can expose your photographs and images while protecting them. Dimensions, shapes, types of frames, materials, and colors are all elements to take into consideration to choose your picture frame. It is also a decorative accessory not to be neglected.

To share your most memorable events while dressing your walls, the photo frame is a must-have accessory. To emphasize your photos while enhancing the decoration, this element must be chosen according to various elements. Take photos of his camera is good, but sublimate a frame; it immediately gives a deco side. So what material to choose? For which dimensions to opt? This article will help you to choose your photo frame.

Photo Frame Designs

The classic dimensions of photo frames:

In terms of form, there is something for everyone: round, in the form of heart, triangle, and oval. However, the most classic Photo Frame Design that you will find on the market will be the rectangles and squares. In terms of dimensions, everything will depend on the size of your photos. Most often, the standard size of a snapshot will be 10x15cm or 20x30cm. So you can choose a frame depending on the desired effect: Would you like it to stop just at the edges of the photo? Would you rather leave some white edges in the center of the frame? Or maybe you still prefer to do a collage of several photos inside? It’s you who choose.

The wooden frame for a warm decor:

The wooden frame is undoubtedly the type of frame most used today. A good Custom Photo Frame naturally puts your photos in value. However, to achieve this result, you must choose the type of frame for your shots. Opt for classic, retro or trendy styles to make your images true works of art. You can opt for example for:

The simple frame: Combining a simple wooden structure and rigid support, this model is most classic.

The frame for the subject on chassis: Entirely removable, it is equipped with spinners fixed on the back. It will give your photos the appearance of master paintings.

The “American” box: This is an inverted frame that has visible spaces on the sides. Your shot will be mounted as a canvas for a more original touch.

Between two glasses: This trendy model consists of a wooden frame and 2 sheets of glass that will welcome your photos. Unique and original, it will do its little effect.

Other types of frames:

There are of course other types of frames that will give your photos a trendy side and that will allow you to tune your shots to your decoration:

The aluminum photo frames are perfect for a modern and chic decor. In addition, they will be very solid, and you will find for all budgets.

The plastic picture frames will meanwhile a vintage look to your decor. You will find many colors, and the strength of the plastic is well established.

What style of photo frame prefers?

Material: Photo frames come in different materials.

• The metal gives a modern and design style.
• The wood is warm, resistant, and easy to paint.
• The ceramic is often worked and gives a precious appearance.
• Plastic is economical and conducive to fantasy models.

Color: The photo frame has two missions: to enhance the image and to integrate harmoniously with the room where you intend to install it.

To sublimate your photography, it is recommended to opt for a frame of the same color as the second dominant shade of the photo. Why not give it to the first dominant color? Because a tone-on-tone frame fades the image. Regarding harmony with your room, it’s all about taste and decorative style. Opt for example white, black or raw wood picture frames in a room looking design, contemporary or minimalist. Prefer mismatched frames of bright colors for a vintage atmosphere or guinguette. Or one-color frames for a classically decorated interior.

Model: From the simplest to the fanciest, photo frames of all kinds are sold in the shops. If you only want to expose your image, go to simple frames, with more or less large borders.

For an original effect, where the frame is as important as the image, enjoy the many fantasy models from Art and Frame, shaped fruit, animals, plants, or with fun messages. Some frames, called “pell-mell”, propose to exhibit a multitude of photographs at the same time. User-friendly, they create a patchwork of your favorite images.

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