The Allure of Fashion Illustrations

The Allure of Fashion Illustrations

Love art and fashion? Then the idea of a fashion illustrator must be music to the ears because this individual communicates fashion ideas onto a canvas. Thereby giving a visual form to an ambiguous thought.

It is all about art meeting fashion and falling in love over a fine art print. Their integral role helps designers to visualise their creations before making the actual piece.

Fashion sketching has been around for hundreds of years, and only the approaches have changed. For instance, while the yesteryear illustrators sketched on paper, today, it is possible to do it digitally.

It is not just a tool for designers now. It has grown to become a form of art and almost has a cult following of admirers. Each artwork bears the marks of its maker and can be called visual luxury.


If anyone plans on buying a piece of fashion illustration, one should know what they are investing in before the purchase happens. So what is the art print? It is reproducing the original artwork by the fashion illustrator. It is possible to make them on several canvases using varying methods.

The process or method used, the number of pieces made, and such factors determine the value of each print.

Can they be considered original?

Yes, they constitute original artwork by the artist. One should be clear with the understanding that it is unlike a reproduction or a copy. Because in both these scenarios, the artist has no involvement in the process.

The process:

It starts with the artist drawing a specific image on a unique printing surface. This surface could be a range of materials, while metal and wood remain the most popular choices. Next, the ink on this surface is transferred to a different canvas. This act results in the making of a lithograph. The same process is also known as a serigraph or woodcut in some cases.

How involved are the artists?

For art lovers, this question is vital as they want to be part of an endeavour that someone created. Moreover, a human touch is priceless, which the factory-made, run-of-the-mill products do not have.

It is sold in limited numbers. These batches are called limited editions, and there will be only a few items available. This piece is then hand-signed by the artists to authenticate the work. It also mentions the edition number and other details.

It is rare and significant because once the print is made, the used plate is destroyed. So no other copies would exist. There are only a few in the world, and the buyers will get bragging rights for owning it. Also, it is not just about the pride that comes with it. It feels special to possess something that only exists in a few numbers.

Unique Quality:

The giclee is printed on a paper of high quality and over 200gsm. Some fashion illustrators even use a hand-moulded rag for a heightened effect. The owners have to follow all storage instructions and store the art print in suitable conditions.

Are there other products that carry fashion illustrations?

Sure, there is an answer to every fashion lover’s prayer. Numerous artists sell their prints and original works in different fashion items and stationery.

  1. Bags: Art prints on designer bags scream uber-chic!
  2. Cups: Imagine sipping away on a reusable, environment-friendly coffee cup that also looks drool-worthy.
  3. Homeware: Cushions and table linens are a crowd- favourite.

Have a few statement pieces around all the time. Art always has the quality of lifting the mood.

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