Top 6 Labeling and Packaging Artwork Trends for 2021

Top 6 Labeling and Packaging Artwork Trends for 2021


The misadventures year of 2020 has come to an end and with the start of a new year comes the start of new and fresh things. With the onset of new things, artists are also looking for fresh new ideas for labeling and packaging their artwork. Many new and cohesive themes have developed into trends for labeling and packaging. These trends will most likely find a prominent place in the year 2021.

With the pandemic, the importance of e-commerce was established on a larger scale. When people were stuck in their house e-commerce websites were key elements for purchasing products. The pandemic has taken away the feeling of walking into a store and embracing the ambiance along with the artwork. So artists have to put in an extra effort when it comes to labeling and packaging their art. Packaging artwork management software helps them to rectify the errors and make the approval system faster. Packaging designs will see a shift from the mere commercial to a more authentic style true to the artists and artwork. The motion is towards designs that also feel like artwork.

What is being done is not a replacement for the experience of being in a store. It is a development of meeting the consumer where they can be reached and giving them a unique experience distinctive to 2021.

The most talked-about packaging and labeling trends of 2021

Many trends have ruled the packaging scenario over the last few years and will continue to do so in the following years. Many new trends are emerging at the moment.

Combining both the old and new trends, 2021 will witness some of the most unique experiences of packaging. Let us look at some of the biggest trends of 2021.

Tiny and illustrated patterns

Small illustrations and patterns on the packaging are an emerging trend in 2021. This type of design serves as an embellishment and decoration for packages. The purpose is also to give an idea about the product and brand without revealing all the information about the product. For example, a package for tortilla chips may contain tiny triangle illustrations to give an idea about the product.

Vintage packages and labels

Vintage packages and labels

Vintage-inspired nostalgia has been a trend for a while now in many industries. From music to machines, it is a popular trend. This trend is here to stay and 2021 will see brands take this trend a step further in terms of authentication.

It will become difficult to differentiate packaging done in 2021 from ones done when our grandparents were young. The packaging this year will transport buyers to a different time.

Simple geometrical patterns

The minimalist look has also been a trend that has been around for a while now. Simple geometrical designs with bold colors will continue to be a rage in 2021. Neat lines and sharp angles will continue to express packages. The designs are often abstract and create the opposite impact of tiny illustrations. The purpose is to get people curious. Nonetheless, the impression these types of designs leave on people is long-lasting.

Color blocking and solid colors

Color blocking is a very well-known design for packaging. What is new is that in 2021 color blocking will be done in spirals, uneven patterns, and unexpected color palettes. The unpredictability of last year has encouraged experimentation among people and this enthusiasm for experimentation will flow in art as well.

Along with color blocking, 2021 will also see the rise of solid singular colors as packaging designs. Strong and vibrant colors are eye-catching. These colors have a sort of ‘in-your-face’ character to them that makes them hard to forget.

Focusing on product names

A lot of times packaging designs allow the product name or the brand name to take the spotlight. The start of the design is the name of the product or brand. A lot of innovative techniques can be used with lettering and placements. This type of packaging brings personality to the design. It feels like a work of art in itself. This is mostly done by businesses that have brand awareness as the main focus.

Packaging with story-driven labels

Packaging with story-driven labels

Storytelling is a very important part of any artwork. 2021 will witness brands bringing this storytelling to the packaging and labeling areas. Packages will contain stories of brand mascots. This a fun way to create a buzz around the brand as it gives the buyer the feeling of reading a continued comic book.

These types of cartoonish designs bring these mascots out of the websites and ads and to the packaging of the product where people can read their stories.

How these packaging trends can help you

Great packaging designs are extremely helpful to create awareness about the products. It gets people talking about a product, even before buying it. These trends can be kept in mind if you’re looking to start afresh or rebrand your work in 2021.

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