Unveiling The Magic of Textured Walls!

Unveiling The Magic of Textured Walls!

I am sure that you have once in life have thought of getting your boring solid wall colors replaced with exciting wallpapers or graphics. You would have also tried to place some artwork or showcase some wooden cabinets on your plain wall to make it look exciting. But now you need not do all those things as there is a wonderful option available in the market, wall texture design.

Asian Paints Royale Play has got all the special effects to make your walls lively. Asian Paints has got more than 2000 plus shades to match your choice. They have experts who can suggest you latest ideas in home décor also. Among all other range of products, Asian Paints Royale Play offers a variety of wall texture design. In this blog, we explore how a wall texture design from the Asian Paints Royale Play range can add elegance and life to your home and office.

Dealing with wear and tear of the wall

An expert interior designer can enhance the wall with texture and instantly cover all the wear and tear it had earlier. Sanded paint is one of the excellent ways to add texture to your walls. These paints generally come with sand formulation to give your wall a rough texture. This wall texture design is preferred for damaged walls as it will help hide cracks and other damages of your wall.

A low maintenance formula

A low maintenance formula which is available for both interiors and exteriors are a lime wash paint. This creates an eye-soothing chalky effect on your walls and is also considered to be environmentally friendly. It is formulated by the powdered limestone with hot water treatment.

Plaster treatment to your walls

This is one of the laborious and cumbersome treatment. This requires a specific and professional tool to give texture effects to a plastered wall. To create a random stroke on the wall a technique called ‘skip trowel’ is used. Remember to get this treatment done by a professional as working with plaster is not as easy as other techniques.

Wrap up

In the end, you should understand that for getting a sophisticated and luxurious effect on your wall, you need to spend money on essential supplies. You will be requiring good quality rollers, brushes, ladder, and tapes. Do not try to save on these important elements while going for a texture painting your walls.

You should also determine wisely how much paint you will require to complete your project. It becomes very frustrating if you run out of paint in the middle. The best thing to determine the quantity of paint required to paint your walls is by assessing the square feet area of your room. Also, the number of coats plays a vital role in this calculation, hence, take this into account while determining the quantity of paint. The one-stop solution to get the best and desired result for your wall texture design is to select Asian Paints Royale Play.

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