Decoding your Horoscope: Which Career is Right for you?

Decoding your Horoscope: Which Career is Right for you?

Everyone at a certain stage of their life finds themselves at a standstill with regards to their career. You might just have entered the job market or have had a job that made you realize that it isn’t what you want to do or doesn’t align with your perception of the world and yourself.

It can be a confusing question to solve; after all, there are so many professions out there. Which one is right for you and how can you know for sure? People wonder for long periods, trying to figure this out. But it isn’t possible for one to try every profession out there and decide the one for them. Even if you could do it with two-three jobs, what assurance can you have? It would be a waste of resources and time.

Some of us are blessed with at least the semblance of an idea of what we are meant to do. That cannot be said for most people. This is why people indulge in astrology. There is always knowledge to be gained from your surrounding environment, even with regard to your career! Most astrologers are asked to decode charts and answer one of the most common questions: “can you predict my career?”

Well, good news! Astrology has a way to predict your career path. In astrology, time is not a solid concept, but fluid and ever-changing one, meant to be looked at like a part of the long-term plan, and predictions also follow the same logic. Astrology derives knowledge about your foreseeable future from the sun, moon, planets, and stars. This isn’t the foolproof plan, but insight on what your future could be like and where you’d find success.

So, how can your career be predicted simply by having your Kundli (astrological chart) analyzed? Calculations are made in accordance with the nine planets, the sun, the moon, their positions, and the twelve zodiac signs. The moon, according to Vedic astrology, dominates the mind; which is the major influencer of every aspect of your life, career included. This is why Vedic astrologers look at the moon and the 10th house in your Kundli chart to decipher your horoscope. The 10th house indicates profession, career, fame, public image, authority, and relationship with authority figures. The moon and the 10th house falling together indicate higher chances of success and consideration to the exalted planet in your chart plays a role in your career horoscope. 

Factors considered while predicting career:

Your astrologer will look into the following factors to decide what career path you are heading on:

  • Strength and placement of the lord/ruler of the 10th house.
  • Position of the lord/ruler in 3rd house and 5th house.
  • The placement of the sun and the moon in your Kundli
  • The dignity of planets in your Navamasha/ 9th harmonic (D9) chart
  • Influence of other ruling planets in the 10th house
  • Your Atmakara and Amatyakaraka planets (planet achieving a maximum degree and second-highest degree respectively/ symbolizing your soul or subconscious and action or karma respectively)
  • Ruling Antardasha and Mahadasha planets in your chart
  • Transiting planets and their effect. 

These are all the factors to consider, and while confusing, you don’t have to decipher it yourself. You can simply check your career astrology free prediction in online.!

The prediction will give you a layout of the general direction your career is heading in and hint at what professions match your psychological, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative needs and features. 

Careers according to your zodiac signs:

  1. Aries: Aries are known to be strong-willed, enthusiastic, competitive, and full of energy. This is why political, recreational, and entertainment or television professions would suit their character traits.
  2. Taurus: They are hard-working, have a clear voice and eye for luxury and beauty. Accountant, Engineer, Lawyer, Chef, and other high risks, high-pressure jobs are well suitable.
  3. Gemini: Geminis are curious, eccentric, mischievous, and optimistic. Machine operation, journalism, writing, and translation are good jobs for them.
  4. Capricorn: Capricorns are loyal, especially to what they believe in and respect tradition. They are determined, persistent, and ambitious. A career involving Computers, Finance, or science is a good career option.
  5. Aquarius: They are rebellious, look, and think outside the box and are considered visionaries. They are especially humane, which makes social work a great career choice for them. Artist, Aviation, Engineer, Photographer, and philosophy are some suitable jobs. 
  6. Pieces: They are wise, compassionate, and creative. They are passionate and imaginative. Photographer, Literature, Film-making, Counseling, Psychology, and Philanthropy are viable career choices.


  1. They are energetic, dramatic, kind-hearted, and nurturing. Fields involving medicine are best suited for them. Social workers, lawyers, teachers are also good professions. 
  2. Leo: Leos are fearless, inspiring, independent, and charming. They love being in the spotlight. Fashion, Politics, Real estate, Entrepreneurship, and motivational speaking are careers this sign would flourish in.
  3. Virgo: They are perfectionists and take pleasure in details. Virgos are meticulous, hard-working, and organized. Accounting, tax or system analytics, detective, and media are a few enjoyable professions. 
  4. Libra: Libras are good looking, charming, sociable, and entertaining. They are also very helpful and diplomatic. This is why Judge, diplomat, negotiator, human resources, styling, and dance can be fruitful professions.
  5.  Scorpio: Scorpios are analytical, intuitive, career-minded, and resourceful. They can tackle distractions and stay focused and calm. Psychiatrists, Forensics experts, Police, Research, and Surgeon are suitable careers.
  6. Sagittarius: They are ethical and have a taste for life. They are fond of having adventures and experiences and are spiritual. Law, Finance, Athletics, and banking are good options for this star sign.

This list is vague and doesn’t have to be the law for your future. Getting your Kundli checked by a professional astrologer can give you far more insights into your personality traits and the kind of life and career you want to have and you would thrive under. 

If you still struggle with the question of your career, simply get your career horoscope predicted for free and learn exactly what your path looks like, right now.

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