Kundli Matching For Marriage

Kundli Matching For Marriage

Why is Kundli matching for marriage vital to follow before the wedding?

Kundli matching for marriage is the first step to be taken when two people decide to marry. This process is highly essential according to the Vedic astrology that is drafted by great sages and monks. The Vedic astrology contains a deep study of the planets’ alignment and their significance meaning.

Horoscopes are ancient and sacred customs that are followed by everyone who believes in astrology and the ancient methods of Kundli matching for marriage. The Kundli matching for marriage gives all the details of both the potential partners and helps in finding remedial procedures or rituals to eradicate any evil impact.

The Kundli matching for marriage will cross check the two potential partners’ birth charts and their family backgrounds. This process is vital to make successful marriages with no disturbances. It helps to identify any bad impacts and evil influences.


The process of Kundli matching for marriage will help to take precautions and preventions for any future disturbances. It will help to realize if the partners will have a good and happy married life or they will face too many conflicts and disturbances. Marriage is a big decision that needs proper guidance and a path to follow to make it successful.

The Kundli matching for marriage first checks if there is mangalik dhosh for either of the partners. Because any mangalik dhosh person should not marry non mangalik dhosh person. It could be very dangerous for non-mangalik dhosh person if they marry mangalik person.

According to the Vedic astrology, the Kundli matching for marriage for manglaik person is matched with another mangalik person so that they both nullify the impact of the Mangalik in their life. there are certain rituals that are mainly focused on the betterment of the candidates and it is offered to the specific god who will help to eradicate the evil impact in their Kundlis.

How is Kundli matching for marriage done?

There are various steps that are to be followed for Kundli matching for marriage. First, the astrologer will venture into the various birth charts and find the perfect match. The birth charts of the two potential partners are brought together.

The birth charts that are used for Kundli matching for marriage are divided into various houses and grids. The charts are meticulously drawn with the positions of the celestial bodies. The birth chart contains the positions of the planets at the time of birth and at the present.

The Kundli matching for marriage will involve the steps of cross-checking the planets and other celestial bodies that are rightly positioned in the divided segments or houses. These houses or segments are divided into grids and various sub-divisions where each division signifies different meanings.

According to the requirements of Kundli matching for marriage, the houses of the groom’s birth chart is compared with the houses of the bride’s birth chart. The planets are not supposed to be clashing in both the houses and the planets that exist in the same house in both the birth charts should not be contradicting each other also.

For instance, in Kundli matching for marriage circumstances like Mars being in the house of the Venus of the other chart, there may be very conflicting in the potential partners’ lives. Mars is a dominating figure while Venus is manipulative nature. Since both the planets are strong and influential, they should not be in the same house in order to maintain peace among the partners. This situation must be very much avoided to lead a very successful married life.

What are the key elements of Kundli matching for marriage?

There are eight important elements in the Kundli matching for marriage. The eight elements revolve around the daily needs and characteristics. The personality traits are also noted in the eight elements of the birth charts. The eight elements add up to 36 points where each element has a different point.

According to Kundli matching for marriage, the score of the elements has to be above 18 to make it an acceptable pair. If its below 18, the marriage is not successful enough. Above 24 to 30 makes it a successful marriage while 30 to 36 makes it an exceptionally good marriage.

The elements include :  Varna or caste, Vasya or common characteristics, tara or zodiac stability, yoni or intamicy level, Graha maitri or mental stability, gana or personality traits, rashi or the emotional capability and nadi the health and prosperity. All the key elements play a vital role in the Kundli matching for marriage.


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