Pisces in Love : Selfless and Intuitive

Pisces in Love : Selfless and Intuitive

Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Polarity: Feminine
Symbol: Two Fishes

Pisces are gentle, delicate, selfless, emotional and intuitive souls

They love being in love and are very romantic. Dreamy and mysterious, they possess a very feminine and otherworldly aura.

They are highly emotional and intuitive souls, thus attracting men who are emotionally vulnerable and those who need healing. Being with them, their lovers get a very caring and motherly feeling, which can calm their mind and bodies.

pisces.pngPatient, kind and loving, they have deep appreciation for the inner qualities of their lover, and can fall in love quite easily.
They love being in relationships as they always feel the need to give love and support to someone.

Before committing to one person for their whole life, they won’t get tired of finding the right one for themselves. They will have a lot of love affairs and even marriages before settling for their perfect match.

In Relationship

Shy and hesitant at first, they take time to open up. Quiet dinner, long walks, lots of movies, and some quality time together and they’ll be fine.

In relationships, these individuals give themselves fully. Love holds a very deep and spiritual feeling in their hearts, and they believe in the idea of total surrender and submission of self.

They will love their partners selflessly and unconditionally. Relationships with Pisceans are smooth and calm. They hardly show any resistance or argue about anything. It’s like flowing through water.

Being natural healers, they like to help others. They will support their partners in all their endeavors, as seeing them doing good for themselves makes them really happy. They want the best for their partners.

As we know they are highly intuitive, they will know what’s going on with their partners just by sensing and reading their body language. Their partners will be very comfortable in opening up in front of them and sharing some of their deepest thoughts.
They are the ones who will understand and accept every aspect of their partners for who they are.


Old souls, with innate deep knowledge and wisdom, they don’t think much and prefer going with the flow in their relationships and basically life in general. There’s very little hustle in their lives, and everything goes very smoothly.

Selfless and kind, they will put their partner’s needs above their own, helping and supporting them in every step of their life. They are very loyal and modest partners.
Pisces have a strong need for balance and equilibrium in their lives and relationships, and patient enough to maintain that from their sides.

Sensitive to the feelings of people surrounding them, they can get easily influenced, thus they develop the ability to adapt to their environment accordingly. Even during tough times, they have the capability to adapt to the situation and move forward.

Love, Family, and Relationships hold important places in their heart, and they remain committed and devoted to this belief.


Because of their selfless nature, Pisceans are vulnerable to mind games and manipulation which can break their heart really hard.
They need to set fine boundaries, otherwise, they can easily be taken advantage of.

They are too much giving that they forget to take care of their own needs thus exhausting themselves both physically and emotionally. They need to find the right balance here.

Due to their depth of emotions, Pisces are vulnerable to falling to their darker side of nature, thus susceptible to depression, alcohol, drugs, and addiction.

Being too dreamy and elusive, and so strong in their beliefs, they often find it difficult to cope up with the practical aspects of the relationship.
Instead of dealing with problems, they hide and run away from them. They need to understand that escaping from troubles wouldn’t help in long term relationships.

It’s important to face them, and work on them consciously rather than expecting things to just happen.

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