Sagittarius And Pisces Compatibility

Sagittarius And Pisces Compatibility

This can be a little tricky. Sagittarius is a Fire (Agnee) Sign and Pisces a Water (Pani). These two signs are wildly different and compatibility between the two might seem a little odd at first. But if you are here and reading this, then for sure you have one Sag or Pisces in your life and you want to know if there’s any scope.
Trust me, if there’s love and willingness to commit, every match has lessons to teach and opportunity to evolve.


Sagittarius is a fiery, restless, confident fire sign. They are outgoing and straight forward personalities.
They have a very open minded approach in their relationships.
These individuals love adventure and freedom in their relationships and look for the same in their partners who can keep up with their active personality.


Pisces are loving, tender and extremely romantic. They fall in love hard, and adore depth and intimacy.They are traditional lovers and are slowest when it comes to commitment.
Being the last sign of the zodiac makes them super deep and sensitive. They are very emotional and intuitive.
They would want a partner who understands their depth of emotions and provides them a strong support.


Sagittarius are outgoing and social characters whereas Pisces tend to be inward and little into themselves. It will be difficult for both of them in the beginning, but as they get to know each other better, they will know that they can work pretty well together.

The endless desire of Sagittarius for adventure and exploration can be balanced by the calm and cool Pisces which can provide them with a strong grounded base to support them in their journey. Their water like demeanour can save them from being too exhausted.

Whereas the dreamy and otherworldly ideas of a Pisces mind can actually manifest in the real world with the support of Sagittarius who can practically make them act on it. They can actually come up with practical solutions to help them succeed in their endeavours in a very fruitful way.

Pisces have a natural desire to do some substantial work for the well being of society, and if the Sagittarius understands their pursuit, together they have the power and energy to bring positive changes and help others.
Together, these two can be a power couple out there to rescue the world.

On one hand Sagittarius loves travelling and adventure, Pisces on the other hand are home bodies and would prefer chilling on their sofas.
Sagittarius can behave aloof sometimes, whereas Pisces are too emotional for them to handle.
Just as they say, too much of anything can affect their relationship. Too much fire can boil their water, and too much water can dampen their fire.

For their successful companionship, compromise is needed from both the sides.
Sagittarius need to understand their depth of emotions and Pisces need to understand their love of adventure.
Next time when Pisces are going through a fluctuating mood, Sagittarius, try being a little open minded with their emotions.
And Pisces, when there’s a weekend ahead, try to surprise the Sag with a tiny little trip somewhere.

Pisces can teach Sagittarius empathy and compassion, and in return they will learn how to turn their dreams into reality. Together they can help each other evolve in a very beautiful way.

Trust can be an issue between these two as the dynamics of their relationship can be a little wavy. It takes time and effort for both of them to get comfortable with each other as their personalities are very different.
Both of them would need a lot of time and patience to decide if they actually want to commit to their relationship for the long term.


Yes, these two signs are different. And are not that favourable astrologically. Some matches are naturally and astrologically compatible and some are not.But it’s not impossible. For you, if you think that this is the person you want to spend your whole life with, no matter what their zodiac sign is, each match has the capability to work out.

For these two signs, with compromise and mutual understanding, they can lead a happy and healthy life just like any other couple.

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