Instagram Popular Mermaid Girl

Instagram Popular Mermaid Girl

Elsa Boulos a brunette instagram blogger recognized as Mermaid E. This mermaid girl is best known as a blogger and influencer on her famous instagram handle @elsaboulos. She is American/Lebanese with a unique natural beauty and style. Elsa Boulos is famous for her distinguished travel pictures and stylish outfits. Each picture is unique and beautiful with a specific style and caption. She is known for her trendy style, natural makeup look and positive personality. Her blog is a combination of lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty.

Mermaid Girl

The beautiful Elsa has collaborated with many international brands and attended events from different categories such as beauty, fashion, electronics, health and travel. She travelled to new countries and took us with her through her instagram stories and posts, showing us the different cuisine, the go-to places and recommended the perfect hotels and spots during her travel experience.

Since she is a real mermaid and this is clearly shown on her profile and though her life journey, we can’t help but to mention her mermaid life and the beach tropical vibes pictures while she was in Cyprus, a Mediterranean island. And specifically at ST.RAPHAEL hotel in Cyprus Limassol. She was able to take us around this beautiful and breathtaking five stars hotel and resort showing us their all inclusive features, mouthwatering meals, their modern relaxing sea view rooms, greenery spaces, the big beach area with a section designed specifically for different water activities near the hotel’s private marina. Her stories while staying in this dreamy place were all about the perfect getaway anyone can have during summer season with his family, group of friends or his partner.

Instagram Popular Mermaid Girl

Elsa also took us on many trips through her Instagram we were able with her followers to visit different cities in Italy, Dubai, Copenhagen Denmark, Egypt, Sharm el sheikh, Cyprus and many more dreamy places.

Her trip to Bulgaria was one of a kind where she travelled with Turkish airlines in style to promote different areas in Bulgaria and she nailed it with her unique style and beautiful pictures. She was able to show us the green nature and sports activities in a ski resort named Pamporovo, she showed us the touristic sites in Sofia the capital and largest city in Bulgaria. She had a stop in Nesebar an ancient city on the Black Sea coast where she had lunch there and then took pictures in a huge sunflowers field while heading to a new location. She was able to tour us around Albena resort to show us the clean beaches and nightlife of this place. The beautiful blogger definitely made us curious to visit Bulgaria and try their cuisine.

Elsa Boulos has all the features of the perfect girl. She got a natural beauty, a fit silhouette, a great sense of humor on her stories, the perfect wide smile sending us good vibes and positivity, she is well educated and YES! This Mermaid E is a good cook.She also shares her cooking journey on her page and trust us her food is always unique and so appetizing and her cakes are so creative.we hope that we can try them one day.

Last but not least, we cannot wait for Elsa’s next trip since we are so exciting to travel with her through her instagram page. this was a quick story and review about a distinctive American/ Lebanese social media blogger and influencer who got many talents, a special and attractive feed with all her dreamy pictures and stories. You can always check her instagram through this link :

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