10 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees That Will Make Any Office Staff Smile

10 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees That Will Make Any Office Staff Smile

The happiness of getting a gift cannot be put in words. When we say gifts, it is not limited to your friends and family. Your employees are also a part of your family that helps you grow professionally, so there is no harm in treating them with some gifts from time to time. Whether it is a child receiving his/her first gift or an employee is receiving a gift on their birthday or during the holidays. No matter what the occasion is, thoughtful and beautiful best corporate branded gifts can bring a smile to the employee’s face and help them boost morale.

Employees treat gifts not just as gifts but as a way of you expressing your gratitude and letting them know you value their hard work. The concept of giving gifts to your employees is not new and has been going on for ages. Most of these gifts or gift baskets are available in your nearest stores or gift stores. Some you can give from e-commerce websites. Numerous websites have started these gifts that have all these different types of gifts that you give your loved ones and your employees.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain a few ideas for the best corporate branded gifts. Also, the importance of giving gifts will be mentioned in detail.

1. Box of chocolates on their birthdays

When you give someone a box of chocolates, they are instantly fulfilled with happiness and love. That is the power of chocolates. So do not miss the opportunity to give a box of chocolates to your employees on their birthday. But be sure that the person receiving this gift does not have diabetes. Or else this sweet gesture may look like a more cruel joke.

You can always depend on a premium employee gifting platform like Gift Market to get the best chocolate hampers for appreciation. If you want to add other goodies like cookies or custom t-shirts, diaries or pen, you can do so easily. Not only will they be able to enjoy the chocolate with their family members, but will also be able to use the diary and pen in their professional engagements at the office.

2. Wet wipes and hand sanitizers

In today’s world, masks and sanitizers have become the next best thing you could probably give to someone. Therefore if you give a box of wet wipes and sanitizers in a box with some good quality mask, it does look and feel like a nice gesture. It indicates you care about the person and motivate them to take good care of their health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. T-shirts or clothes in general

Who doesn’t like a cool, trendy, and comfortable t-shirt during the summer or a hoodie during the winter? Giving clothes as a gift as per the season is also a great gesture. You can personalize the cloth with your brand’s name, and they also look like a marketing strategy.

4. Coffee mugs or bottles

Sometimes under work pressure, the employees forget the need to stay hydrated. A bottle with some motivational quotes or a reminder to stay hydrated goes a long way to show you care about the employees. The same goes for a coffee mug. Having a personal coffee mug with the quote” Best employee” also puts the employees in a good mood.

5. Gift vouchers or cards

A gift voucher from a reputed store or a restaurant is something the employees will genuinely like. If you have a small team and know everyone’s preferences, it only makes sense to give them something they like. They can take their family for a nice meal or shopping and enjoy the day.

6. Scented candles

Going back home after a hard day at work can be very tiresome. But if you give them a scented candle that they can light as soon as they reach home, it will put them in a good mood. A nice meal with some sweet music and the aroma of sweetgrass from the scented candles can take the tiresome out of their way. They will come to work the next day relaxed and energetic, which will work in your favor.

7. Tote bags

You’re promoting to change your old ways of using plastic bags for grocery shopping. Tote bags as a gift promotes that you take care of the environment, and as a responsible company, you’re also promoting that your employees take small steps to keep mother nature safe and protected.

8. Office essentials

When working in an office, there are some essential items that every employee needs. How about you give them a gift that they frequently use in their office. For example, a set of notepads, spiral books, pens, calculators, a small plant, a stapler, and a box of chocolates and coffee. These items can also be used in a WFH setup.

9. Electronics

With the advancements in technology, new items are launched into the market every day that can help make our life easier. Gift your employees a box of electronics as a gift. Include a Bluetooth speaker, an earphone, a power bank, a charging cable, and an adapter with a custom greeting card.

10. A gift basket

This is one of the best corporate branded gifts that you can give. Have something of everything. For example, include a gift from electronics, an office supply kit, some scented candles, some snacks, and a bottle of wine with a box of chocolates and coffee.

Importance of giving the best corporate branded gifts

Following are the importance of giving gifts rather than an envelope of cash: –

  1. An envelope of cash will be spent quickly than you receive it. You cannot solve all your problems with an envelope of cash.
  2. A gift stays with you for some time and reminds the employees how much you care about them.
  3. Helps motivate the employees during a tough time. Even if the gifts aren’t expensive, if the gifts are thought-provoking, that is enough.
  4. You show your gratitude and appreciation towards the employees.
  5. The relationship between you and employees grows, and they will take stands for you and be with you through difficult times.
  6. A gift sends a positive message that you take care of everyone working under you, and you are not the type of person who abandons their people in time of need.

In conclusion

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