10 Tips about Composite Decking Care & Maintenance You Can’t Afford to Miss
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10 Tips about Composite Decking Care & Maintenance You Can’t Afford to Miss

10 Tips about Composite Decking Care & Maintenance You Can’t Afford to Miss

A Deck is not just an outdoor space, it increases your home value and is a great place to host events. In that case, it is necessary to keep your deck maintained all through the year.

Composite decking is the first choice of homeowners because of its various benefits such as it is lightweight, durable, won’t rot or splinter, an eco-friendly material, requires less maintenance and much more. Plus, composite decks come in a variety of textures and colours to meet every customers needs.

Take a look at these easy tips that will help make your composite deck look new and last as long as possible:

  • When it comes to cleaning snow and ice from your deck, say no to shovel, sharp edges and sand. Doing this may cause permanent damage to your deck. Rather than using shovel use calcium-chloride based rock salt or ice melt. Avoid using ice melt with an added colorant as it can stain your composite decking.
  • Mold requires a consistent supply of oxygen moisture and organic food to grow. Many decking products are designed to resist mildew and mold. When the debris, food and other organic material left on the deck for a longer period of time. It allows the growth of these harmful bacteria. So, to avoid such situation make sure you clean your deck with soft brush and mild soap and keep it well-drained.
  • Consider using colorfast woven rugs or polypropylene on your composite deck. As latex backing, vinyl or rubber mats can leave marks on your deck surface. These marks are removable, but it’s best to avoid them. Also, don’t use rugs or mats that have metal grommets or accents because they can stain or rust the composite decking beneath.

  • Oil and grease stains are difficult to remove from the deck. It is best to clean them promptly as soon as you notice them. To maintain the stain warranty, the deck surface needs be cleaned within seven days. Use a soft brush and warm soapy water to remove oil and grease spills.
  • Composite decks have heat build-up issues, which means that indirect or direct sources of fires such as fire pits, grills, fireplaces can damage the deck surface. Avoid keeping any source of fire near your deck. Moreover, if you are building a deck in NZ, prefer installing lighter colored decking as it will reflect more of the heat, on the other hand, darker colors will absorb the heat and retain heat faster reaching higher temperatures.
  • Composite deck tiles are more likely to get affected by tannin leaching. It forms when comes in contact with organic materials and iron. As a result, it can turn your deck a darker color. You can prevent this by keeping your iron furniture away from the deck and clearing the all debris and leaves from deck using a soft broom or hose. After the deck surface is dry, apply deck brightener as it contains oxalic acid, which will remove tannins.
  • Clean your composite deck at least twice a year. If you decide to use a pressure washer, use a fan tip blade with less than 2,500 psi and don’t apply closer than 8″ from the deck surface.
  • Improve grade soil or drainage to prevent standing water under decks as it could stain your deck. Direct splash guards, downspout extensions, and downspouts away from composite decks. Make sure to have enough ventilation under and between decking boards to prevent mildew and mold growth.

Note: Get your composite deck inspected by professionals (who may also serve you as retaining wall builders) at least twice a year and make sure to always look out for loose boards, cracks, loose screws, mold growth, split boards, protruding nails and any other issues that may require repair.

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