12 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business (2020)

12 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business (2020)

While every company is putting effort into keeping up with the latest trends and technology. It is getting highly competitive everywhere. Every company is trying to maintain a relationship with its customers. Live web chat software is beneficial in achieving it. There are many different options available. Every software has some additional features, which makes them unique. It is confusing to choose one among them. So, here are 12 best live chat software which has proved to be very useful for the companies:

1. Livechat:

Livechat is one of the most promising live chat software in the fraternity. It has impressive features, making sales very easy and converting your visitors into leads. This software has a feature that can create help tickets and software integration. This software even has surveys that help understand the client’s needs better.

Price – Its plans start from 16$ per month and range as per business requirements.

2. Freshchat:

Freshchat is a fantastic live chat software which consists of features like AI automation, live translation, chat routing, and integrations. The software offers in-app campaigns. Its features enable you to connect with your customer in one platform. This software helps you in organizing the chats.

Price – Its plans start from 15$ per month

3. Chatbot:

Chatbot is an advanced software. This helps in maintaining the integration without engaging many executives into it. Their free inbuilt template and chat widget make it a pleasant experience for the customers. Its chat box feature of drag and drop has made the conversation more comfortable.

Price – Its plan starts at 50$ per month. This plan enables you to use 1000 messages.

4. Olark:

Olark is an easygoing live chat software. This ease is making it a very convenient choice for users. Due to its simple processing, it is accessible by anyone. It even collects the customer’s information before starting the conversation. This way, it is easier to create chats according to customer’s needs.

Price – Its plan starts from 12$ per month

5. Intercom:

Intercom is a great live chat software with the smart routing features in it. This software has both the features – live chat and chatbots, which boosts customer relationship and lead conversion. It can integrate with other software. With its smart routing feature, it is easy for customers to seek help and the self-service facility.

Price – Its plan starts at 87$ per month.

6. Liveperson:

Liveperson is a unique live chat software which facilitates you to chat with your customer on live chat. Its features also make messaging possible through some popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. Its component also allows you to create chat templates as per the client’s necessities. It also gives quick responses over questions, which makes purchasing easier.

Price – It has customized plans according to the client’s requirements.

7. Drift:

Drift is a live chat software that has both live chat and chatbot. It has features like drift boat, anonymous visitor intelligence. It is a marketing platform that does marketing based on accounts, helping to reach customers with offers. This way, it brings customer satisfaction and gets a bigger market for the brand.

Price – Its plan starts at 50$ per month. It is billed annually.

8. Sendinblue:

Sendinblue is easily accessible live chat software. Its software helps you answer customer queries in live time and helps in converting most of the leads. This software also includes the drag and drop mail option, making it user-friendly for the new users. It has unlimited email and easily installable live chat feature.

Price – Its plan starts from 25$ per month.

9. Zendesk:

Zendesk is popular software with attractive features. It has everything from chat routing to chatbots. With its analytics feature, it is easy to track and analyze the number of visits a customer makes.

Price – Its monthly subscription starts from 5$ and ranges differently.

10. Purechat:

Pure chat is an outstanding option if you want to start at zero cost. It has traits that let you work even when you are not online. Whenever the customers send you the mail, you can get back to them when online. It has mobile apps as well, accessible from anywhere, and you can chat with the customer.

Price – Its plan starts at 79 $ per month. It is billed annually.

11. Liveagent:

Liveagent is software with a stable integration feature. This software provides you best email marketing. It is a multipurpose software, which also provides a helpdesk solution. It also includes email ticketing, time tracking, and live chat. This feature makes it another all in one software. It has one of the fastest widgets until now, which is enhancing the customer encounter.

Price – Its plan starts from 15 $ per month for only tickets. 29$ per month plan includes both ticket and chat.

12. Smartsupp:

Smartsupp is budget-friendly software. With it, small businesses are also getting access at a low cost. Even after being a low budget, it is working with websites like Shopify and WordPress that are very popular. It analyses customer behavior and keeps the session’s record, which helps understand why some visitors could not be converted into leads.

Price – It has free plans.


Ecommerce websites are rising rapidly. People are buying everything online. Good live chat software such as the one developed by Unique Management Services will make it easy for you to communicate with the customer and deliver a stellar user experience.

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