20 Creative & Interactive Corporate Event Planning Ideas to Implement
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20 Creative & Interactive Corporate Event Planning Ideas to Implement

20 Creative & Interactive Corporate Event Planning Ideas to Implement

A successful event can add that much-needed buzz and popularity that you need for your business or brand. However, a small margin here and there can make or break the outcome of the event.

Many businesses run corporate events in present times, focusing on varied objectives, right from conveying a message, bringing industry big-wigs together, raising money, improving relationships, launching a new product or service, connecting with their consumer base, to improve company’s visibility or more.

Making your business networking events a success lies on a wide assortment of factors, each one having its core significance in the entire process. Here, we are going to discuss some key event ideas that you can think about and incorporate in your planning and hosting for enhancing the event’s potential to rise and shine.

What the Event’s Purpose Is?

You can decide on the type of the event only when you know what your purpose and objectives from the event are. So, it’s necessary to know why you are planning the event in the first place, which will help you decide on the type of event and the entailed planning process and who are going to be invited.

Event Planning Ideas:

Once you have figures the basic purpose, it is time to define what theme or event ideas best fits your objective and your process:

  1. Seminar – When your event is about conveying or message or educating participants and encouraging discussions on a certain topic, then seminars are the best ideas.
  2. Competitions – When you are looking to grow and lift your brand specifically in a competitive activity or an educational field then competitions like quiz, debate or industry-based competitions will be best-fit to give the exposure and involvement from the people.
  3. Sporting Events–Sporting events are highly popular. If you are looking to promote and encourage talent in sporting fields, then competitive events, tournaments or a one-off game can be the ideal platform.If your company is engaged in a certain sport management, or talent scouting, or training, then you showcase their talent through organising a sporting extravaganza, inviting outside teams as well. Deciding early and clearly spells clarity for participants, and help you create the channel to buy sporting event tickets or for any other specific event early for gaining maximum exposure and awareness.
  4. Awards Ceremonies – To honour talents in your company or in the industry, awards ceremonies are the perfect events. This also helps you prepare a stage for bringing industry people and consumers together.
  5. Briefing Event – Ideal to be hosted for breakfast or evening time, this event is ideal for all those who want an idea or concept to be declared and generate awareness from the people and industry. If you have an announcement to make, stage a small breakfast briefing event, calling out some important people from the industry and your company and proceed, breeding the buzzword that you need.
  6. Auctions –If your event is aimed at fundraising, then holding an auction is ideal. You can put up some rare memorabilia, or some services or products related to the company, or anything sort of importance for the people or industry to generate excitement and invite big biddings.
  7. Conferences – Conferences are highly popular and one of the most common corporate event ideas. These are basically business networking events with a focus on blending learning and networking through different sessions of panel-discussion, keynotes, roundtables, and much more.
  8. Speeches – Speech-based events are ideal for all those brands who want to talk about a noble cause, or have someone prominent personality talk about and discuss with the attendees on any specific topic pertaining to the social, professional or personal life. Speeches by leaders or motivational gurus from a certain field do draw attention and can be befitting to lift your brand and give it a whole new identity.
  9. Dance – This is one form that can give you tremendous event hosting ideas. Revolving around the dance floor, you can arrange competitions, fun dance shows, talent exhibition and much more to bring appeal and allure to the public.
  10. Exhibitions –To give your products and services an exposure amongst the industry and when you are looking to promote high-end B2B trade, then exhibitions and trade shows are the perfect stage to do that.
  11. Fashion Show – For all the existing and budding brands in the fashion field, just throw a great fashion show and see your brand gain the exposure and buzz that you wouldn’t expect. People are so specific about the fashion and are always captivated by an striking fashion show event, which must be fun, creative, purposeful and can be arranged anywhere and anytime. Hire a reputed modeling agency Dallas for your fashion show and you will get the desired results from your event.
  12. Food and Drinks Event – Everyone is a foodie in a way. Bring them together, serve a palate full of unique delicacies and see your popularity soaring. Ideal for restaurants and food chains, food and drink events can be specific to your chain, or it can be a get-together of sorts for industry chains.
  13. History Day – Our history is filled with so many history-making days. So, you can pick any ideal occasion to organize a themed event on that specific day, which be bring in interest and appreciation from people and industries. You can also include role-playing or re-enacting of incidents or battles or as such for event activities.
  14. Comedy Show Event – Stand-up comedy genre has really hit it off in the present times, and it is time to leverage that for your business benefits. Rope in some well-known names from the field, and see the magic flowing. You can request them to include humor related to your business and industry as well. And for more fun, you can also have gig presenters or fellow audience members improve some comedy acts with no script.
  15. Meet-Up Session – Arrange a meet-up of the like-minded people, related to the field you are in, organizing a book club, or a gallery show or anything else that brings people to share their views. This way, you get a great chance to interact with people and ensure your brand gets a lot of exposure.
  16. Give-Away Event – Have a give-away event, with different products that your brand sells. But here’s the catch – Do it in a lottery-based or competition based event. A chance to win some great product definitely builds excitement.
  17. Product Launch – A traditional and one of key business networking events, product launch gives you chance to bring in a new product to the public or to the industry raising their anticipation beforehand. People, as well as competitors, keep an eye on what you are bringing. You can make it exciting by including demo, discussions, and much more in activities around the launch.
  18. Q&A Sessions – Q&A sessions are also gaining popularity in the present times, helping brands communicate effectively with audience, answering their concerns and gathering feedback to improve their brand visibility.
  19. Outdoor Cinema Screening – This is one creative idea, where you are offering something different people can get excited about being involved in, away from the usual movie-viewing. Put ticket prices justified and you will definitely get a lot much of attention. You can arrange for a new movie, or can bring in some old classic, presented around a theme or a festival.
  20. Workshop – Another one of those traditional corporate events, where the focus is on participants and members to come, learn and grow their knowledge and skills. This is a great way to get attendees to get a chance to learn something up which will help them to sign-up or subscribe to your brand and channel.

Right when you have stuck the chord on the right corporate event idea, make sure you get on the planning process, get detailed on the planning process, invest and put time and efforts for marketing and advertising and keep the prices affordable to let people buy sporting event tickets or for any other specific event without thinking much.

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