3 Interstate Moving Checklist that Won’t Fail

3 Interstate Moving Checklist that Won’t Fail

Relocating home from one state to another can be extremely tiring and anxious specifically when you are moving out with a lot of household goods, appliances, furniture, and your family members. At one end, you have to look out for budget-friendly and potential packing Agarwal packers, and on the other end, you have to make all the travel arrangements for your family. The whole process can be even more tiring when you are running out of time, or if you are moving at immediate notice.

Well, did you found the situation similar? Obviously yes! Thankfully there are ways to handle the condition much more smartly using a quick interstate home relocation checklist.

1. Start the process by framing a basic relocation plan

State to state relocation should be done with immense planning because doing it without a plan can be worst. So, think and figure out ways along with the dates and the process. Some of the crucial dates that you should work out must be according to the convenience of your family and your goods obviously.

The second thing that you have to think and plan is to finalize the items and the articles that you wish to relocate. Having an estimated list of major items that need extremely safe planning and moving can be of great help in dealing with the situation as well as in bargaining the price with the moving companies.

When you have the list of major items in hand, you can simply eradicate a lot of confusion about the cost of packing, moving, and transit insurance.

The next thing is to decide the mode that you wish to undertake, you are willing to do it yourself or you wish to seek professional assistance by hiring packers and movers. DIY is always an option but one must consider only if you have prior moving experience or if it is a local move otherwise seeking expert help is much better. Using professional moving vendor service is always recommended for long-distance household shifting needs.

2. Searching movers for a long moving distance

This is one of the biggest tasks, and if you wish to do it right, you got to spend some time finding and choosing a moving service that is proficient, reliable, and pocket-friendly.

Usually, removal and storage companies are available at every corner these days, and therefore the best and the most efficient way to get started is to look for a few of the reputed local removal companies present near you.

Share the list of the items by adding all the major as well as small household goods and appliances, tentative dates when you have to shift, and ask for the estimated quotes in written form.

You may also ask the moving experts to do an in-house pre-move survey of your goods (it is for free) and then quote a price, as that may help you to avoid further pricing related to confusion and dispute. The physical survey of goods helps them to assess and gets accurate estimates for your entire moving process. And once you have the moving quotes in your hand, you can quickly compare and bargain as needed and then finally choose a moving company that you like the most.

When choosing movers and packers, you should always pay attention to the following details:

• The company’s credentials

• Packing quality, equipment and handling process

• Policy and other terms

• Pre and post-move assistance

• Other additional added services

• Value-added services

• Packing and moving charges

At the time of booking moving services, most of us fall for lower priced quotes and tempting offers and then end up getting trapped in moving scams. And thus, it is important to double-check about the certifications and other credentials of the company which you are considering for your upcoming relocation to another state.

Now that the planning is performed and the movers are ready to pack, it is time to prepare and move, we will talk about that in our further steps.

3. Getting ready for an interstate move

The next crucial task is to arrange for the tickets for your family members to make the travel arrangements for them. If you don’t want to drive or there is no other way out, then make proper plans and arrangements for your family members.

Once it is sorted, you have to do some more preparations before the movers actually arrive at your place for packing and moving. Usually, the packing and loading are done on the same day (while it depends upon the size of your goods), you should be prepared.

There are a few things that you should always keep in mind and the movers may suggest you, such as:

• Switch off all the home electronic appliances, most importantly turn off the fridge and washing machine a day before.

• Clean and dry all the appliances properly.

• Collect the loose items together that needs to be packed and relocated

• Pack a first aid kit and medicines that may be required by you and your family members

• Pack all the essentials and documents that you should carry along

• Get the print out of the tickets

• Keep the quotations, bills, payment receipts

• Clear the pending bills and payments (if any)

• Cancel subscriptions and utility services

• Get the address updated at all the relevant areas

And add other tasks as per the condition and according to your needs listed above.

Remember, the only keep to a safe and secure relocation is deep planning. With detailed advanced planning not only you can organize the whole moving process, but it helps you to get your goods moved safely and without any hurdles.


I have shared a few effective tips, give them a quick read. Further, making a moving checklist, framing a deadline, hiring Agarwal packers and movers, and conducting the whole process step-wise will make sure that your move is handled appropriately.

Happy Moving!

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