4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Creative Media Agency

4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Creative Media Agency

Video marketing has become immensely popular in recent years, and according to reports, around 63% of businesses have started using it. Also, 80% of business owners feel that video marketing has become an essential strategy for their marketing campaigns. This is because investing in video marketing gives great ROI for businesses.

As consumers’ attention is focused more on digital media, the popularity of video marketing is projected to increase further in the coming years. However, despite the advantages of video marketing, some individuals hesitate to hire a creative media agency because of a lack of awareness. Here are four compelling reasons why you should hire one.

Videos Appeal More to Mobile Phone Users

According to an article by Data Report, approximately 4.66 billion people worldwide use the internet, which is more than half of the entire world population. Among internet users today, around 90% are mobile phone users who prefer videos over other media.

According to reports, video viewing on a mobile device has grown more than 200% in recent years and shows no stopping signs. It is a growing trend, and the usage only keeps increasing year after year. Without a video marketing campaign, you are certainly undermining the potential of your business.

Having Videos on Your Website Increases your Search Ranking

Being on the first landing page of a search engine can do wonders for your business. This is because having a high ranking in search engine results greatly improves your online presence as you become the top-recommended business. According to statistics, your website is 50 times more likely to show up on search engine pages if you have videos on your website.

If you want to have a great online presence, hiring a creative media agency should be your strategy. What they do is, create compelling videos for your business that you can use for your website, which will increase your search engine ranking.

Videos Increase Conversions and Sales

If you don’t have a product video on your website or social media page, you are missing out on a lot of potential sales revenue and conversions. According to reports, businesses that have used a product video on their landing page have managed to increase their conversion rate by up to 80%.

Research has also shown that 70% of consumers who watched an explainer video about a particular product subsequently bought it. Video marketing is arguably the most effective form of marketing today. So, it is something that you should take seriously.

Videos Will Increase the Popularity of Your Business

According to surveys, more than 70% of internet users say they would share a video with their friends—or in their social media profiles—if they find the video entertaining. This means, by uploading an entertaining video on the internet, you will increase the chances of social shares, which can potentially make your videos turn viral.

Once your video becomes viral, your message and your brand will be able to reach more people than you can imagine. This leads to the increased popularity of your business because of improved brand awareness.

If you are looking for ways to improve your business’s marketing campaign, hiring a media agency should be on top of your list. With the help of creative video productions, your business will, without a doubt, improve its customer reach and internet presence. Check out a reputable media agency today, and experience the benefits and advantages of video marketing.

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