4 Funeral Ideas For Eco-Friendly People

4 Funeral Ideas For Eco-Friendly People

If you are tasked with overseeing the funeral of anyone close to you who was a staunch environmentalist, then it is only fair that you also honor their death by conducting the funeral in a very eco-friendly manner. And if you are clueless about how to do it, then this post is for you. Below. We will look at four pre paid green funeral ideas that will be good enough to honor the deceased.

Bio-Degradable Coffins

One good idea is to check out biodegradable coffins. As the name suggests, these are coffins which are made exclusively of bio-degradable items so that it eventually becomes a part of the earth. And unlike traditional coffins made from wood laden with chemicals, the bio-degradable coffins are more often made from things like banana leaves, bamboo, and water hyacinth. Wool-based coffins too are seeing increasing demand all over the world, with orders jumping even times in the early part of this decade when the whole eco-friendly funeral concept started to catch up. And if you do want a wooden coffin, then there are those which are made majorly from waste wood.


When it comes to cremation, two new trends have emerged – one based on coral reefs and another based on chemical cremation. In a coral reef based cremation, the deceased person’s remains are transformed into coral reefs, which will eventually become a big support for marine life. This will obviously prove to very helpful to the environment. Another fast-growing cremation service is the one that focuses on chemical cremation. In this process, alkaline hydrolysis is used to break the body instead of fire. This is estimated to reduce the gas emissions by more than 30% when compared to a regular cremation. And whatever liquid is left after this process can be spread over in the oceans while the ashes can be stored in an urn.

The Urn That Becomes A Tree

Now, no matter how eco-friendly one claims to be, most people will still want their ashes to be deposited in an urn. And this is where the innovative idea of a ‘tree urn’ comes into play. What this essentially means is that a biodegradable urn will store your ashes in which a plant that you like is added. It is then buried deep in the ground. Over time, this plant will grow out of the urn while it decomposes, transforming itself into a full-fledged tree. And for those who have a poetic bent, the idea of their ashes being the source of the life of a tree is sure to be romantic.

Vegan Meals

There is also an increasing trend towards adopting a vegan approach to the days following the funeral when wake and other functions will be conducted. Cutting down on all meat products and only using locally produced veggies will ensure that meals you hold will be both tasty and intriguing. So, when preparing the pre paid green funeral, be sure to also include catering services that provide such dishes.

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