4 Things You Need to Know When You Want to Privately Sell Your House

4 Things You Need to Know When You Want to Privately Sell Your House

When you’re thinking of selling your home, among the first things you feel you must do to successfully sell the home is to find a good real estate agent. In fact, when considering selling or even buying a home, you tend to feel like you cannot sell your home without a real estate agent.

Luckily, nothing can be further from the truth. You can opt to privately sell your house and in some instances, it might yield some serious benefits. If you’re curious, the following are a few of them:

1. No Commission on Sale

Working with a real estate agent entails that you’re going to give them a portion of the total sale amount. This will be the commission and fees for the real estate agents services. In some instances, these commissions can be pretty high, coming up to thousands of dollars. When you choose to privately sell your house though, you don’t have to make room for any commission; you can pocket the whole amount without any worries.

2. More Control over the Process

Oftentimes, working with a real estate agent can mean working with someone who is more concerned about the commission they’re going to make on the sale. For them, selling the house will be important but they will be more concerned with their own terms. In such cases, they might pressure you to accept a deal, opt for a certain feature or more. In short, they can have the home owners jumping through hoops, as long as it gives them a big commission. By selling your home privately, you can have more control over the entire process and avoid dealing with such cases.

3. Follow Your Own Schedule

When selling your home, you do have to allot a certain time to let the prospective buyers see the house. Luckily, when you’re doing this on your own, you won’t end up having any communication problems in scheduling because of this. In some cases, miscommunication with the real estate agent can happen which might mean that you’re caught completely by surprise when the buyers show up to view the house. Even organizing an open house viewing can be done with ease too.

4. Better Deals and Negotiations

Buyers tend to be happier buying a home and are a bit more flexible in negotiation too when they get to talk to the home owner as well. Working with a real estate agent means that there is a mediator in the middle and it often makes the buyers distrustful. Dealing directly with the home owner can allow them to not only get more information; they’re also more willing to discuss any aspect of the house in question in a more open manner.

At the end of the day, working with a real estate agent might have benefits but in comparison, opting to privately sell your house has a lot more to offer to everyone involved in the purchase.

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