5 Campervan Mechanical Services To Get Done Before Taking It On A Trip

5 Campervan Mechanical Services To Get Done Before Taking It On A Trip

Trips are a source of happiness for a lot of people. Many people look forward to going on trips all year round. This fact can also not be ignored that after working hard all day long numerous people deserve the holidays and the trips that they have planned. However, the trip can be made more memorable if it provides adventure and comfort with both. Owning or hiring a Campervan can do the job perfectly fine, and you can apply at Auto Finance Online to get any funding you might need to buy or upgrade your Campervan. But before you decide on taking the motorhome on a long trip, you need to get its proper Campervan mechanical servicing done because you certainly cannot take a faulty RV on a trip right?

1. Get the body of the motorhome checked for any repairs:

This issue is very common in that the body of the motorhomes tends to develop rust over time. If it is not immediately treated then it tends to develop more rust. The more the spreading of the rust, the more the body of the motorhome gets damaged rendering it unfit to be used on the road. The damaged body of the motorhome will start exposing different parts of the motorhome like the engine, the water pipes and so much more. The exposure can lead to their damage which will just cause you further problems.

2. Take the MOT test for the vehicle:

The MOT test is necessary for every vehicle including a motorhome. This test confirms that your vehicle is rendered safe to be used on the roads. The other benefit of MOT is that you need to get the proper servicing of your vehicle done in order to get it to pass the test. If the vehicle even has the slightest fault in it then it fails the MOT. So for getting the MOT you would have to get the servicing done and once it passes the MOT then it’s a 100% guarantee that you can take it on the trip without any hesitation.

3. Check if there are no sewerage or electricity problems:

Whilst being on a trip, you are going to be using your Campervan as a temporary home, therefore, you got to make sure that the basic utilities such as the sewerage and the electricity are perfectly fine. Don’t forget to empty the RV sewer. It can be done by hosing one end of the valve to the black tank of your RV and then connecting the other end to a dumping station.

Similarly, check the electrical connections if everything is working fine and their no short circuit. Because trust me you are definitely going to need electricity in your motorhome for cooking and using other appliances. Confirming if the appliances are not overloading the power system would definitely be a good thing. If you have solar panels installed on the roof then you definitely want to make sure if they are working fine and are suitably supplying power to the RV.

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4. Installing a motorhome air suspension:

You might have experienced that when a motorhome is driven on roads, it experiences a lot of crosswinds. Due to the crosswinds, controlling the motorhome can get difficult as it is a big vehicle. Not having total control over the vehicle can lead to accidents. When this is the case then installing a motorhome air suspension is definitely a good option. It will help in optimal road handling and auto-levelling. You are going on a trip, it does not matter whether it is a long road trip or a short one but you certainly want to be careful.

5. A general checkup of the Campervan:

If you feel like there is no need of getting the above Campervan mechanical services then make sure to at least get a regular checkup of the RV. It mostly includes checking the engine, brakes, tyres, windows, doors, and in general just checking up the bodywork.  By just getting some of these things inspected you will get an idea of whether your RV is even suitable to be taken a road trip or not.

It is obvious that you don’t want to tackle any of these above-mentioned problems whilst you are on your vacation. So better get the servicing completed beforehand rather than facing issues whilst being on a vacation.

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