5 Creative Ways to Use Animation in Online Marketing

5 Creative Ways to Use Animation in Online Marketing

In the last 10 years, online marketing has overwhelmed digital environment. It is now more difficult to stand out in a competitive environment.

In various ways, online marketing has become a war front for consumer attention. People have short attention spans to read through brand messages.

However, for the market expert, the use of animation is an efficient marketing tool when directed to your target viewers. Animations serve as avenue to communicate brand image in a visual and attractive manner.

Your customers are likely to engage with your brand if you set to make use of animations to tell a convincing story of your products or services. Here is a look at 5 creative ways to use animation for online marketing.

1.Motion graphic videos

Motion graphic videos are one of the right ways to communicate with your customers on visual level. Through the use of colorful graphics you produce the illusion of motion in any video and make videos more interesting.

High quality graphics help to compressed information into a succinct format. You can present information to your audience without boring them.

If you’re on a tight budget, platforms like PinkSquare offer premium quality services in stock motion graphics that work in hand with known editing software.

2.Email marketing

The use of animation in your email marketing can help to distinguish your brand. A brand sales awareness is more appealing when you furnish it in a dynamic animated GIF.

3.Animate your website

A creative way to use animation is by animating your website. Whether it is with interactive animations, videos or GIFs, animation can light up your website, generate more traffic and increase conversions. PinkSquare  for example, offers users an opportunity to animate their website at a reasonable amount.

4.3D animation videos

It is a good idea to contact an Animation Studio if you lack the resources in-house.

3D animation video gives your product to be accessible all day and all year. The moment the animation to showcase your product to your customer irrespective of their location is created and posted online, it become accessible at anytime. 3D animation helps your customers to be dependable on your product. Retaining your existing customer is more paramount to your business growth. The use of 3D animation can help to win their trust of your products and your business. These videos improve your dependability among your customers and also improve the growth of your business.

3D animation stands out as the best means to generate leads and grow business. It has a convincing impart on customers and audience. Also, it has an ability to develop emotion to drive sales and buyers want to feel right about their wants. When 3D product animation is done rightly it can create this emotion.

5.Whiteboard animations

If there is need to narrate your product or service on a budget, there is no better way than whiteboard animations. A whiteboard animation video with a voice over can explain a story, its method keeps the presentation easy and simple.

If you want a visual reality of your products, animations are the way to go. You can visually explain how your products are produced and used.

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