5 Places In Which A Wedding Logo Can Be Used

5 Places In Which A Wedding Logo Can Be Used

Compare weddings now to what it was 5 years back. Everything has changed. The modern wedding scenario is completely different from what it was, except the rituals of course. The brides are coming on horses. Couples are compulsorily creating wedding video invitations. Wedding planners have turned to technology to plan weddings. Couples are increasingly hiring wedding planners. Wedding gift registries have become a must in most weddings. Wedding logos have become a big part of wedding stationeries too. That’s right. Wedding stationery has become a big deal too. If you’re wondering why a wedding logo is so important, here’s why.

Wedding identity

Modern-day couple shave started associating their weddings to a particular identity. Just like a company, weddings too, have a logo to stand as a sign of their wedding. This wedding logo then lives in all wedding-related places like the wedding stationery, venue, gifts, etc.

Wedding Invitation

What’s the fun in going for a normal wedding invitation that would get lost in a pile of other wedding invitations. A wedding logo adds an identity to your wedding invitation and makes it stand out among the others.

Wedding Website


If you don’t know already, wedding websites have become popular with couples off late.  Why? Because it is one place that can have everything that a couple needs in one place. From the story and pictures to wedding function details and wedding gift registry. A wedding logo comes handy here. It could probably go at the end of the website to add completeness to the website. It can also be used on the very top part to make the identity very clear.

Wedding return gifts

Have you received these little bags that say XX weds YY. Well, that’s gotten old. No one likes their name pasted like that on wedding return gifts bags. So couples like to add some elegance to wedding return gift bags and add their logo. That way, the bag looks nice and the wedding logo adds a sense of elegance to the bag.

Wedding room keycards

This has got nothing to do with what the room key is going to look like. This is just to find a key card easily if lost. At a wedding, there are hundreds of people coming to the wedding. A lot of rooms are allocated to a lot of people. And if it’s a hotel then there are outsiders. The wedding logo is a good way to categorize rooms and guests.

Wedding decor

Last but not the least, a wedding logo is used in the wedding decor. Ever seen the entrance of the wedding venue? There are flowers, props and the bride and groom’s name. This is one of the places the wedding logo lives. The aim is also for guests to be able to easily locate the venue.

So these are the places in which couples can use the wedding logo. It basically boils down to giving your wedding identity and maintaining uniformity among all the wedding-related stationery, gifts and other stuff.

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