5 Wedding Card Box Ideas You Can Buy or DIY
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5 Wedding Card Box Ideas You Can Buy or DIY

5 Wedding Card Box Ideas You Can Buy or DIY

A wedding is a long and hectic day of celebration and dancing. If you want to invite your guests in style, make a list and send them fresh invitations inside visually appealing wedding card boxes. Guests who will arrive to participate in your wedding will bless you with their gifts that come in different shapes and sizes. You can keep the cards well organized on the table in the wedding card box, and the best thing is that it will be easy to locate them too.

Wedding card boxes

The wedding card box can be a simple or plain box decorated to match the theme of the wedding, or it can be unique to hold a lot of good wishes from the loved ones. There are plenty of box ideas available for you, from birdcage to handmade wooden boxes. They all boast of beauty and brilliance. Suppose you want to go for an economical way to choose or buy a DIY project and make your card box ideas. The wedding card’s size should depend on the size of the wedding, but the regular box size will usually be around 14 inches. Here are five wedding box of ideas to make your wedding even more special.

Wedding Post box

The wedding post box is crafted with ornaments and a perfect choice for a modern ballroom or a traditional wedding. You will be surprised to see that it is handmade and constructed with plywood and many other eco-friendly materials. The box will grab instant attention from everyone as it is visually appealing, and the details are intricate. All the guests can easily place their cards and money inside. If this isn’t enough, a wedding post box is also a perfect option for post-wedding keepsakes. It looks more like gift boxes, and the couple can give all the love and show gratitude to their loved ones by giving away gifts.

wedding favors

The acrylic wedding card box

Acrylic boasts of a perfect balance between minimalism and extravagance. It looks cool, chic, sophisticated, yet traditional to steal the hearts of all age groups. The best thing is that it can blend well with any theme of the wedding and make its presence felt. If you are one of those brides and groom who don’t want to spend a lot of money on wedding card boxes, it is the most affordable choice. The decorations on them can be done with many beautiful designs or ornaments featuring vinyl, cling, and glass.

Wooden or Log wedding card box

The wooden wedding card box is perfect for a traditional as well as modern wedding. The box is made out of wood and stain, which looks appealing, and it is sturdy at the same time. The lids on the top make it easy to open and close while there are beautiful hinges too. The much-loved couple can keep their treasured items and belongings inside. The pictures which are taken on the wedding can also be stored safely inside. The DIY log card box is another useful option that can be perfect for outdoor, rustic weddings, and nature-loving people. It looks adorable, and you can use it to decorate your garden for a long time to come.

Personalized rustic cards holder

If you use a unique idea for the wedding card, it will impress all the guests and get compliments. Making personalized rustic cardholders will be a perfect idea, and the best quality is that you can engrave your initials on it. The guests can place their gifts or money inside these handy boxes, and you can use them after the wedding too. The lock on the top will keep all the belongings safe, and there won’t be any fear of them falling. It would help if you had simple hinges, latch, and cedarwood and spray paint to give them an excellent finishing touch.

The vintage-themed card box

There is nothing more charming and sophisticated than a vintage themed card box. The popularity of this theme keeps increasing, and it doesn’t seem it will die down anytime soon. When the wedding box is adorned with vintage wedding decorations, it will look ethereal. You can purchase a few boxes of different sizes and cut slits at the bottom and lids. The box can later be covered with fabric, spray, and once it is done, you can stack them together and accessorize the way you want. They will also act as small gift boxes, and your guests can place their gifts and well wishes into this card box. You can create a cozy environment by putting up fairy lights and lanterns to light up the night.

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