6 Marketing Ideas For Retail Stores

6 Marketing Ideas For Retail Stores

In-store retail marketing 

A simple retail marketing strategy is retail sales and promotions that offer special in-store or in-store only discounts. Retailers can also leverage their existing brands with displays or with deals that connect to the brand. These can be products from partner companies, or items offered from within a retailer’s own brands, such as electronics stores leveraging tablet computers.


If you care about your customers and their experience, and if you want to build long-term loyalty, you’ll put well-trained staff on the front lines. Your brand promoter will know your products, the story of your company, and how to connect with your customers to bring out their best.

Partnerships and collaborations 

A partnership can also be as simple as a cross-promotion with another business that is complementary. For example, if you discovered a blog for real estate agents, you may be able to lead them to your nearby vacation home rental business.

In-store events 

Hosting an in-store event is a great way to increase sales and awareness of your brand. Innovative ideas such as a healthy cooking class, can inspire customers to try new things or step into a recipe for the first time, and this can greatly improve customer loyalty.

Referral programs 

A referral program is a marketing strategy to incent existing customers, clients, and fans to share their positive experiences with their friends. The program tends to do well when it’s used in tandem with customer relationship management software. As the business sends out personalized messages that are tailored to the interests of the potential referrers, recipients become more interested in the business because they feel special.

Loyalty programs

Using our advanced field marketing modules, you can build a loyalty program as close or as far from customers as you choose. Our loyalty module provides you the ability to create unique promotions that are sent to customers based on your business type and location. Customers are rewarded for their purchases with discounts or incentives and by continuing to shop with your company they will accumulate loyalty points or rewards.

Find the right marketing for your retail store 

Retail marketing can be complex and time-consuming, but starting out with the right retail strategies for your campaigns can make a huge difference. When you’re choosing  a retail marketing strategy that works for your brand, you’ll be able to invest your budget wisely into in-store and online promotions that work well for you.

The key to a great marketing campaign is one that is personalized in regards to the customer. Luckily, the digital age allows for these personal interactions. The more you know about your customers, the more effectively you can market to them on an individual basis. Also, make sure you pay attention to trends within your industry and adjust accordingly.

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