6 PipeDrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team

6 PipeDrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team

Agile CRM is one of the Pipedrive alternative that is easy and powerful, yet affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with sales and marketing automation for businesses that want to sell and market like the fortune 500. Agile CRM is an all-in-one solution that helps your team accomplish all sales, marketing, and customer service tasks and enables consistent messaging.  Your teams will have access to all of the data they need on a single page with a 360-degree view showing contact data from every angle, including conversations, call notes, social presence, and web activity.  Plus, a built-in contact manager allows you to manage contacts in a centralized address book. Keep all of your teams on the same page with Agile CRM.

When you are busy on the field, chasing and then closing sales, there are a number of tasks that have to be carried out – people have to be called, and for that their numbers have to be kept handy or fished out each time; meetings have to happen; samples assignments have to be submitted and so many other things have to be done. This might all sound extremely tedious when it comes to each and every conversion – but there is good news yet!

The entire gamut of activities and tasks can easily become automated if you shift your focus online and go digital with your process. This is a system called CRM and it essentially helps you create the sales pipeline which helps you schedule and carry out your tasks in an efficient manner so that you do not have to go through the laborious task of taking precious man hours away from your team to coordinate and get things done. Here’s how this works for platforms like PipeDrive and also, the alternatives to PipeDrive.

Creating the sales pipeline: Before all else, platforms like PipeDrive and any alternative to PipeDrive will set your sales pipeline with the exact tasks that have to be followed.

Syncing contact Information

Thereafter, the syncing will happen in terms of the information on your various pages and other platforms including contact information from your email and your social media and website information too.

Generate Leads

This is where the lead generation part also kicks in so as to create campaigns that will pull in your audience and help you identify people who may be interested in becoming your ideal customers. Lead management would also include being able to nurture those leads with the right collateral at the right time, or the right message at the right time and place. This could include emails, social media posts, blogs, articles and so much more.

Scheduling Appointment

When you are chasing leads and looking to convert them into loyal customers, there are a number of activities that you would have to fulfill and PipeDrive as well as the alternatives to PipeDrive can easily help you sync and schedule so that you do not have to manually get the team together or step out of your comfort zone in order to get those tasks done.

Marketing Automation

With this process in place, some amount of marketing automation would also happen including posts scheduling, notification emails and so much more. This would help you build your presence and visibility in a relevant manner.

Team Work

With a proper sales pipeline in place and the CRM function looking after the contact information and interactions, the next step for the people in the team gets that much easier so that there is no missing out on any task or duplication of the same. This will lead to much better team work.

In case you are looking for a more affordable platform as compared to PipeDrive which will also give you many features and ease of setup with plenty of support, then you should consider the following PipeDrive alternatives:

1. EngageBay: This is one of the best PipeDrive alternatives that offers you complete CRM along with marketing automation across all areas of digital marketing. The pricing is affordable while the setup is extremely easy and you also have constant support to iron out any issues you may be facing.

EngageBay2. Sendinblue: This is one of the better known CRM and email marketing platforms that offers you many templates and also helps you organize all your contact and other information so that you are able to set your sales pipeline accordingly.

Sendinblue3. Copper CRM: Prosper Works is now called Copper CRM since the rebranding happened recently. It is a well known CRM platform that also combines some features like email marketing for your to go about your sales pipeline tasks with more ease.


4. Pipeline Deals: With Pipeline Deals, you get to tap into a wide ranging scheme that can help you organize your data around the sales pipeline that you want to build. It will help you close conversions with relative ease even as it offers a number of marketing automation deals and features.


5. Insightly: This is the complete CRM and marketing automation solution although many users have reported that it is not that easy to setup. Insightly has serviced a number of clients from around the world with its mixed bag features aimed at making your sales pipeline that much faster to move through.


6. Nutshell CRM: With Nutshell CRM, you actually have someone looking after and managing your entire sales pipeline, much like Pipe Drive. Not only is your information stored and called up depending on the functions you want to use, but you also get to schedule tasks in the pipeline to make easy conversions. Yet, there is a lack of focus on the marketing automation side when compared to other platforms like EngageBay. While Nutshell CRM is a good enough alternative for PipeDrive, it is still not equipped to deal with every aspect of marketing automation.


As per the above review, you can see that EngageBay is one of the best platforms that does not only have all the features you would need for complete CRM and marketing automation but as an alternative to PipeDrive, it also comes at an affordable price point.

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