6 Signs Your Computer Needs Repair

6 Signs Your Computer  Needs Repair

Your PC or office computer is now your new workspace. Every day you spend hours and hours on it for your professional and personal needs. There’s a limit to a PC after which the hardware needs repairs or just a cleanup. Neglecting some signs from your computer can end up costing you more than the price of a new one to fix it. Well, you may buy a new one if that happens.

If you think that “computer repairs near me are always open”, you could be wrong. The spread of Coronavirus is pacing up, and the lockdown days seems to be coming back, and Australia is not spared from it.

The states are seeing more cases and clusters in certain areas, and the situation is worsening.

Suppose you wreck the PC during the lockdown; it’s bad news. Even when the PC is slow, the work hinders, and your presentations and video conferences won’t go very well.

But, it is easy to find early signs of problems on your PC.

Check out these signs on your PC to get professional help before the real problem starts.

1. Won’t Turn on at First Try

This is an obvious sign that the trouble has begun. If this happens at least thrice, take your PC to a professional who will correct it immediately.

But, before you go to the repair guy, make sure that the laptop is charged, and if it’s a desktop, check the UPS for any problem. Connect to the plug directly and see if it is an electrical issue.

If the problem exists, take the PC to the repair store.

2. Slow Computer

When every process of your computer takes forever to complete, and videos run as slow-mo fight scenes in movies, the RAM must be overloaded, or there might be programmes running in the background. If these things aren’t the issue and the PC is still slow, you need to contact the professionals ASAP.

Before taking it to the repair guy, check the internet speed. Make sure there is no internet issue, and the PC itself is slow.

3. The Appearance of Error Codes

When error messages pop up on your screen, there is a problem, and you must check it. Keep a close eye on the troubleshooting process if recommended by the operating system.

Some computers will boot up like normal before splashing an error code across the screen then a blue screen comes. That blue screen is the colour of death for your PC and your nightmare. Professional assistance is required in this case. Using the PC without any scanning or repair work will end up in disaster.

4. Freezing Issue and Frequent Restarting

If the screen freezes up suddenly and resumes after some time, it is having an issue. You don’t want to freeze up during your daily meeting with your boss, do you? Frequent freezing and restarting is a sign of software and hardware issues, so seek a professional’s help immediately.

5. Flooding of Pop-Ups

If pop-ups are filling your screen all the time, there is a possible malware lurking in your system. It is not the fault of websites, but it is the virus that is causing uncontrollable pop-ups. You will also find many copies of files everywhere. When you start seeing these signs, it means the PC is about to go down.

6. When It’s Not Just the Fan, That’s Making Noise

A lot of noise from the computer is not a good sign, especially if it’s not from the embedded fan. Clicking sound in the drive is also an indicator.

Suppose you cannot contact the regular repair guy, search for “computer repairs near me” in the Google search bar. The list of nearby computer service providers will be available within a few seconds. Check out these early signs and take action immediately to secure your PC from viruses and hardware issues.

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