6 Things You Should Know About Neon Signs

6 Things You Should Know About Neon Signs

Ever since George Claudes, a French chemist, discovered and invented neon light in 1911, this decorative technology is everywhere! 

  • Neon lights are widely popular throughout the world and people choose them to upgrade their space’s look. 
  • Who would have thought that a mere glass tube containing neon or argon gas would be such a huge hit! 
  • One of the best parts about neon lights is that it requires a minimum amount of electric current and still offers you a bright and vibrant glow. 

Apart from being a decorative piece for home decors and offices spaces, what’s so special about neon light? This blog consists of six unique and interesting facts about neon (Ne) signs that will leave you surprised!

6 Interesting Facts About Neon Signs

1. Neon is Produced From The Stars

Surprised? According to the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, neon is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, which can also be found in our Earth’s crust and atmosphere. So how do stars produce neon

  • All thanks to the alpha process in stars. The alpha process is when oxygen and helium are combined and fused, which creates the noble gases. Cool, isn’t it? 
  • However, we can’t always rely on stars to keep producing neon gases. That is why currently, neon is produced by a process called fraction distillation.

2. The Actual Colour of Neon is Bright Reddish-Orange 

  • You might have seen a variety of neon colours in coffee shops, office spaces, and restaurants, all ranging from blue, yellow, green, pink, white, purple and so many!
  • However, one of the lesser known neon facts is that the actual colour of neon is bright reddish-orange. 
  • Rest all colours are produced with the help of other noble gases or some of them are a form of coloured fluorescent lighting. 
  • Though some of them are not the actual neon colours, they can still elevate the appearance of any space.
  • This type of neon lights are used as bar neon signs.

3. Neon Is Used in Television Sets 

  • Your everyday entertainment source, television, uses neon. 
  • Neon has a variety of unique properties which allows it to be used in various components including vacuum tubes, waver meter tubes, television tubes, advertising signs, plasma tubes, and lasers. 
  • Additionally, neon is also used as a cryogenic refrigerant. This proves that neon is not just a decorative piece!

4.  Your Home Has 10 Liters of Neon Gas!

Yes, you heard it right! One of the most unique facts about neon is that you will find neon gases everywhere in your home! 

If you gather all the neon gases in every room, you will get approximately 10 litres of neon gas. So, you see your home itself is a vibrant and bright star.

5. Neon Signs are Perfect Money Saver

  • Every business would want to elevate its decor that can help drive in customers and impress clients. 
  • But, complete office decor may cost you a fortune. So, how to get the best of both worlds? By considering neon LED signs! 
  • Installing neon LED signs can help you minimise your space’s electric consumption and offer you a bright, aesthetic, and stylish place. 
  • An average fluorescent bulb uses 7320 watts, while a neon LED sign uses only 1800 watts!

6. Neon Signs are Visible in Fog

Unlike other lights, neon lights can’t be obscured by fog. Since neon signs are not affected by fog, they are extensively used by aircraft and cold rooms. 

Where to buy Neon Signs?

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