6 Truck Tyre Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

6 Truck Tyre Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Keeping the tyres of a truck in prime condition is no small task. Unlike car tyres which are much smaller and thus easier to inspect and take care of, truck tyres require a lot more work. 

Truck Tyres Maintenance Practices

Just like it is with essentially every other object, maintaining truck tyres requires much more than just carrying out a bit of one-time cleaning. It is a practice, something you have to show a level of commitment to for maximum effect. Below are 6 tips that help get the job done:

Never Forget the Basics

Most people ignore the basics because they are “simple and irrelevant”. Don’t be one of those people, most of the time they end up regretting it. The basics are called basics for a reason they are essential. Ignoring them would do you no good. So what does this mean for truck tyre maintenance? It means never to forget simple things like carrying out pre and post-trip tyre inspections. It means keeping tyres that are not in use safe and away from objects that could damage them. It means cleaning your truck tyres and wheels from time to time. It means doing all these little things that, over time, make all the difference.

Never Wait Till the Truck Tyre Gets Damaged Before Paying Attention to it

This is one thing you should never do. It doesn’t matter what device, equipment, or product you are looking to maintain, waiting for the device to get damaged before actually paying attention to a fault is just bad. By the time the actual damage does occur, it most likely would already be too late. For something like a truck tyre, this “little” negligence could cost a lot, lives included. So always pay attention to your truck tyres. The moment you notice anything wrong with any of your truck tyres, get it checked out by truck tyre experts near you as soon as possible.

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Periodically Rotate the Tyre Positions

The weight of a truck is almost never evenly distributed on its tyres. Some tyres are usually under more pressure than others. This difference in weight distribution means that some tyres would depreciate than others. While this would cause no real problem at first, over time, this would disrupt the balance of the truck, and that is something you do NOT want happening. To prevent this, rotate the tyres strategically from time to time ensuring that the position of each tyre is changed periodically to ensure that each tyre spends close to the same time at every position on the truck.

Ensure to Keep Truck Tyres at the Recommended Pressure

Truck tyre pressure drops from time to time. This can be dangerous, especially when such a truck is loaded and moving at great speeds. Always ensure to check that the tyre pressure of every truck tyres is at the recommended air pressure level. When put in a new or replacement tyre as well, make sure to keep an eye on the tyre pressure as well as that of the other attached tyres in other to ensure that they are around the same level.

Practice Smart Driving Habits

Here’s one fact you might not have known ─ the way a driver uses a truck affects how quickly the truck tyres would depreciate. Things like sudden acceleration and deceleration, needless swerving, and even running over objects all come together to have an adverse effect on the truck tyre in the long run. Avoiding such bad driving habits would help improve the tyres life and thus help maintain it.

Again, Remember the Basics

Go back to the first tip. It is THAT important.

So there you have it, the top 6 truck tyres maintenance tips you need to preserve your truck tyres and prevent an accident. Below are a few other pro tyres truck maintenance tips you might want to know:

Never Set Out on a Trip Without Extra Tyres

Anything could happen to your tyres on a trip. This is why you should never go out without extras. That way, when damage occurs to any tyres, you have a replacement ready for you to use. 

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The Toolbox is Your Friend

Fixing any sort of damage to a truck tyres is essentially impossible without the right tool. So never set out on a trip without your toolbox with you.

Alignment is Everything

Wheel alignment is important to the health of your tyres. If your wheels are not aligned, they, and the tyres, would wear out unevenly (and much quicker) than they would if they were. 

Avoid Managing Bad Tyres

Managing bad tyres only ends up increasing the damage to the tyres. It also puts the other tyres at risk of getting damaged and the entire truck at risk of getting involved in an accident. Replaced damaged tyres as soon as you find them and send the damaged ones to truck tyres repair experts ASAP.

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