7 Simple Ideas to Pack Fragile Dishes, Cups, Plates and Glassware

7 Simple Ideas to Pack Fragile Dishes, Cups, Plates and Glassware

Moving into a new home is not an easy and relaxed experience. It can be daunting, stressful and expensive. People often ways to make moving process easy, less stressful and less expensive. There are certain ways by which you can make your upcoming move easy and affordable as well. If you learn packing tips then you can pack your items for your move easily and also minimize relocation cost as you will not have to pay for professional packing service. In this article I am going to provide you 5 simple tips focusing on packing dishes, cups and glassware. Dishes, glassware and cups are fragile items that may get damages in transit if they are not packed correctly, especially if you are moving a long distance. To ensure safety of your fragile items and transport them safely to your new home, here the 5 simple tips which you should follow.

Use packing materials you already have

I agree that bubble wrap is the best material to ensure safety of fragile items in transit. Wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap will cost you a lot. If you cannot afford the expensive bubble then you can use materials that you already have around your home. Old newspaper, towels, linens and t-shirt are good for wrapping fragile items such as dishes, cups, glassware and stemware. You can also use socks, t-shirts and wadded papers as cushioning and padding between items. You can also use socks to place glasses and stemware and ensure the adequate cushioning.

Use small moving boxes

Packing dishes and other fragile items in a large box is not a good idea at all. Dishes, plates, cups and glassware are generally heavy items. If you will pack such heavier items in a large box then it is more likely that items may damage and the box may become harder to lift. To avoid such unpleasant circumstance, you must use small boxes to pack dishes and heavier delicate items. Make sure to pack 10-12 dishes in each box. Place wadded paper, socks and other padding supplies in the bottom of the carton and between each plate.

Pack china cups and glassware in a box of same size

Packing china cups and glassware may make you troubled. But using the right technique, right padding supplies and right boxes you can easily pack the same. When packing up your china cups and glassware, make sure to use a box that is of same size as the cups and glassware you wish to pack. You should never stack china cups or glassware too high in a tall box or you are going to take a risk of breaking the glasses and cups on the bottom.

Use layered packing technique to pack short glasses in a very tall box

What if you have short glasses and a very tall box? In this circumstance, pack your glasses in layers if they are sturdy and of the same height. Provide padding on the bottom of the box and then place a single layer of wrapped glasses. Afterward, use a piece of cardboard to create a new base. Provide padding to the base and pack another layer of glassware on the top. Fill the empty spaces using socks or wadded up old newspaper.

Stack dishes vertically if you use a large box for the same

In the event, if you don’t have smaller boxes then you will have to pack your dishes in a larger box. Still you can make secure packing of dishes in a large box. First, thoroughly secure the box with heavy duty packaging tape. Wrap each dish or plate correctly and then place them inside the box vertically. Don’t place plates horizontally in the box otherwise you will have the risk due to pressure on each dish. If you are pack dishes and plates vertically then make sure to use plenty of wrapping papers and padding supplies. Make sure, your box is not overloaded.

Wrap glasses and cups individually

If you are going to pack your glasses and cups then make sure you wrap them individually before placing inside a box. Also, make sure to fill each glass or cup with the appropriate cushioning materials such as socks or wadded up papers.

Use boxes that have pre-built dividers to pack stemware and glassware

If you can afford the dishpack boxes or boxes that have pre-built dividers then use the same to pack delicate stemware and glasses. These types of boxes can protect your glasses from cracking or scratching.

I hope ideas mentioned above in this article may help you pack your fragile items like dishes, cups, plates, stemware and glasses correctly. You may save a considerable amount of money and reduce the moving cost by packing your items on your own. If you don’t think you can pack items on your own and have adequate moving budget, then hiring a company of reputable and experienced company of Packers and movers Pune to Chennai will be the best decision.

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