7 Tips that can help Call Centres to Meet Millennial Customer’s Expectations

7 Tips that can help Call Centres to Meet Millennial Customer’s Expectations

There is no surprise that customers have always been the first priority for businesses. That’s the main reason why most of the companies always opt for BPO’s services. With the time, the situation gets difficult for the call centres to meet customer’s expectations, especially millennial ones. Of course, BPO firms have been pushing their limits to maintain CSAT score & reduce customer attrition rate.

If you are an owner of a call centre and want to meet your millennial customer’s expectations, following tips will make your way smoother:

Offer self-service

If you are running a BPO, it is very important for you to offer self-service because this has become the first choice of millennial customers. The demand for self-service has been increasing because it ensures customer’s comfort. During the call, no one wants to wait to get connected with the agents to avail desired resolutions. With the help of self-service, customers can deal with the minor issues on their own. Around 69% millennial customers prefer to solve their issues as they don’t want to depend on others for the same. Moreover, agents will get more time to solve complex issues, and this will automatically improve the customer experience.

Millennials demand personalization

Nowadays, millennial customers don’t hesitate while sharing their personal data with the companies because the former want better and effective personalized services. This increases the demand for reliable call centres services because BPO firms know how to maintain their customer’s data. So, if you want to cater to your millennial customer’s needs without any hassle, it is very important to use CRM.

Social media gets more preference

In this modern era, companies of all sizes approach BPO firms to deliver the impeccable services to customers. With the time, the importance of social media channels has increased. Around 47% millennial customers prefer social media platforms, especially Facebook & Twitter to avail services from brands.

Don’t ignore the power of feedbacks

There is no doubt that BPO firms have been putting so much effort to set new benchmarks in delivering the best customer service. That’s why most of the BPOs conduct surveys at the end of the interaction to get customer’s valuable feedback. Well, positive reviews show that you are on the right track whereas negative ones will help you to improve call centres services at the later stages.

Make a good first impression

Customers of all ages like to be greeted as this make them feel valued. In addition to this, most of the customers usually want to know about the agents during customer service interactions. So, if you want to make your call centres services the best, it is advisable for you to empower your agents to give a small introduction while handling customers on different channels that include social media, telephone, chat, etc. Because polite hellos & personal interactions always give a positive impact and that can definitely increase business’s reputation.

Be honest

Sometimes call centre’s agents try to dodge complicated questions asked by the customers during the interaction or make false promises due to some reason. This thing ruins the brand’s value at the later stages. Because millennial customers don’t hesitate while writing negative reviews on social media platforms and this not only leads to loss of business but also ensures a high customer attrition rate. So, it is advisable for all the call centre’s agents to give honest answers while communicating with customers.

Make yourself available round the clock

From small companies to multinationals, everyone is opting call centres services because BPO firms are capable enough in rendering round the clock services. Unlike previous generations, millennial customers can contact you on any channel at anytime from anywhere regarding desired solutions. In addition to this, younger generation mostly prefers live chat as it provides easy & quick answers as compared to the phone support. But, it doesn’t mean that telephone service has lost its charm because still many people prefer to make a call to avail reliable resolutions.

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