7 Top Benefits Of Joining A Union For Work

7 Top Benefits Of Joining A Union For Work

Unions are placed in the middle of employees and employers and they help to bridge the gap between them by acting as a source of inter mediation in between. They maintain a calm and peaceful environment between both the parties and keep a check that the management practices are carried out well. They help to protect the interests of employees and also ensure that they carry out their responsibilities and duties effectively. Unions support the labourers and the Building Trades Council and work to provide several benefits to both the parties without compromising the interests of either of the two parties. 

There are various advantages served by the unions and the workers can obtain all of them by being its part – 

  • Bargaining collectively – A union is referred to a community of people who have joined hands together to obtain a common objective. After joining together their bargaining power also becomes collective and as a result, it becomes stronger. Unions are always present to fight on behalf of their workers and the workers don’t have to fight for their rights on their own. Workers who are a part of the union have more power and impact so that they can negotiate on the contracts of buildings that are already made. 
  • Training provided to the workers – The workers of the union gets the advantages of different types of training provided by the union. Training is provided by the respective union so that the skills of workers are updated and their productivity also increases. They get new ideas to work effectively and thus a piece of work is completed in less time taken. Unions demand proper training for their workers so that their skills can be upgraded that increases their level of productivity and at the same time their work schedule shouldn’t be hampered as well. 
  • Providing Guidance and Security – Union provide them with professional advice that the workers are not aware of and they come to know about their rights. Basic education is also provided to the workers since most of them are uneducated and doesn’t know how to read and write. Guidance is provided to them on various career-based decisions and other issues related to their work. Unions look forward to empowering the workers of their union and they always provide them with sufficient knowledge and safety.
  • Negotiating for extra benefits – Unions fight on behalf of their workers and they want that their workers get paid well and the great workplace is provided to them so that they can work according to their capability and their health is also not hampered. Apart from these, unions also want additional benefits for the workers as it is being obtained by other workers. They also fight to introduce Worker’s Compensation Law for the workers so that they get security from different issues. The workers are also sometimes provided health insurance that is proven to be one of the best benefits provided to labourers. 
  • Stable Job – Great training and medications are provided to the members of the union community to ensure that the work is done efficiently and the health of the workers is also deteriorated. With the help of the training, their skills are upgraded and as a result, work is carried out effectively. This helps in making their jobs more secure. Union also looks after the job security of its workers and they make sure that no one is made to leave their job until and unless the builder has a prominent reason for doing so. Unions help in providing the workers with secure jobs. The reason for making a worker leave his job must prove to be merit and must be apt. 
  • Providing workers with better working conditions – With the existence of the union, workers are now provided with better working conditions. Now they don’t have to work in a harsh environment as they had to when there was no union. Previously, the workers were treated very badly and they were made to lift very heavyweights at the building construction site. They also used to lack a voice, but now with the presence of the Union, workers have a voice and favourable working conditions. They also get holidays and safety measures are taken by the builders where labourers work. 
  • Better pay – Better payment is one of the major benefits obtained by workers who have joined the local bricklayers union. Whereas, the workers who are yet to join the union are not getting enough payment for the work done. Unions keep a check on the wages provided to the workers to make sure that they are not paid less. Building Trades Council also keeps a check on the wages of the construction site workers. 

Well, we can conclude from the benefits obtained that unions play an important role in the life of construction and they also work towards the betterment of the economy we live in. Many business platforms are also shaped with the help of unions. Unions help in bringing economic stability to the country. 

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