7 Ways To Motivate Oneself To Work
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7 Ways To Motivate Oneself To Work

7 Ways To Motivate Oneself To Work

Surely you are familiar with a situation where it seems that you need to do something, but do not want to. Maybe these are even essential tasks that need to be solved right now, but still, you put off this process until better times. What, can you remember that? At such moments, you lack motivation, that is, inner desire (you can even say fire) to accomplish your plan.

People suffer from such attacks of laziness frequently. However, they can and should be fought. There are seven great ways to motivate oneself to work able to make one manage to do things on time. By the way, the more often to use them, the less laziness manages to capture. Also, motivated work turns out to be much better if we just did it from under the burden.

There is no need to ask how to motivate oneself to work, use one of these methods, and follow your plan:

  1. Back to the future

Just sit back in your chair and imagine what will happen when you reach your goal or complete your project. Try not only to believe but to get used to this fantasy. Listen to sounds, observe the surroundings, feel the emotions that you experience, and then sharply open your eyes and start working. As a rule, working capacity increases significantly.

Sometimes it is hard to force oneself to carry heavy loads, especially after a hard day. Then you forget about your surroundings and move around at a time when you already have a gorgeous athletic figure. You imagine every muscle and approving glances of others. There is nothing strange about this, but this state is merely impossible to convey.

This method is suitable for any activity. Be it scientific or physical. It works almost flawlessly. The brighter you present the picture, the stronger your desire to work will become, and you will immediately become indifferent to how to motivate yourself.

Back to the future

  1. Success Stories

Such works (otherwise, they cannot be called) are created to motivate people. Remember the case when people with any physical disabilities became world champions? Alternatively, did illiterate young men earn millions? All of these are success stories.

Stories that are related to your activities are especially influential. For example, when I was engaged in freelance, I was very motivated by the stories of copywriters who have achieved great success. On the other hand, just some good experience. There was an ardent desire to work and make the same great results. Most often, I did not even read the story to the end – I just closed the tab and started to plow. I would read it later, yeah.

Sometimes we may be ashamed of the fact that people who are physically or mentally weaker than us can do much more. This also noticeably adds motivation and desire to work.

  1. Motivating videos

A video is an excellent tool for those who want to learn how to motivate themselves. You do not have to waste your mental strength to create pictures or kill time by reading a long success story. Just watch a short video that makes the fire break out in the shower, and hands tirelessly pounding the keys.

Oh yes, in addition to videos, you can even find whole movies that let you feel passion for work again. One of the best such films, I think, “Pursuit of happiness.” Be sure to look at your leisure time.

  1. Just get up

I found out about this way of motivating myself quite by accident. I read it either in one of the forums or in some social network. I immediately threw it out of my head. However, literally two weeks ago, I was trying to force myself to finish the image and suddenly a shot in my head: “Exactly! You need to get up!

The bottom line is straightforward – if you cannot get yourself to finish any work, get up. Get up and do nothing. Do not watch TV, do not listen to music, do not read books, do not think, do not talk on the phone, and do not pick your nose. Just do nothing for 10 minutes.

After such a “standing,” the body itself will require work. You cannot imagine how boring it is to stand there like an idol and fall on the wall. After that, I want to work like crazy. Although no, a mistake. After this, I want, first, to sit and then work. However, the result is the same – workability is on top.

  1. Envy

Remember the last time you heard how one of your colleagues or acquaintances achieved some success? Surely, you had a passionate desire to prove that you are no worse than him? The method is somewhat similar to a success story, but they have a different basis.

In high school, this method came in handy for me. We were united in the class of “excellent students and nerds,” and it was very unpleasant to be the most lagging behind. I sincerely envied when someone got a grade higher than mine for the control, and this made me study even harder.

Surely you have repeatedly met on blogs, the so-called “financial striptease.” These are posts where the blogger publishes a report on how much he earned in a given month. Typically, these numbers are enormous, not comparable with the average salary. After reading such posts, the hands themselves begin to work, whether you like it or not. The brain, in turn, is looking for a way to do this faster. It is a pity, and there have been less and less such posts lately.

Another tool to increase motivation may be a competitor. You do not want to give in to him. I think no. Then grab your hands and work hard. Imagine his pretty face when you surround him. Presented, and now do everything possible to see it in reality.


  1. Make it now!

Perhaps the best and most effective answer to the question “How to motivate yourself? ” Its essence is simple – close all the tabs, remove all unnecessary, and do what you have to do. Turn off all emotions and thoughts, leaving only one – “I have to do it now, and it should be as high quality and efficient as possible.” Do you know the Russian proverb “You never know what you can do till you try? ” There you go.

By the way, time also saves significantly, and it develops good willpower. Is it hard to make? I know. And who said life is easy? But taking this first step, it will be much easier for you to cope with the rest of the tasks. Believe me. Well, or check it yourself by applying this method.

Having done some small task, you will have the motivation to complete the rest. And the closer you are to the completion of work, the higher will be your performance. We motivate you to work at work.

  1. Tell everyone

A method that has worked since ancient times. If you want to do something, tell your environment about it. For example, what I did when I published the record “We are striving for new horizons,” which indicated what I want to achieve with the blog this year. But these are longer tasks, but a short-term result?

It works as well. Suppose you tell everyone in the family that you are going to take out the trash right now. Most likely, if you do not want to appear a liar in their eyes, you will immediately throw it out. The same can be repeated at work, saying, for example, that you will complete this report within an hour. Internal strength will push you to do this, even if you do not want it, the result is guaranteed.

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