8 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Coffee Produced By Arabica Coffee Beans

8 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Coffee Produced By Arabica Coffee Beans


After or before a heavy workout, our body needs a fresh start. A lot of people drink energy drinks to revive their strength. But do you know that energy drinks contain a high amount of calories? All your efforts of heavy workout become useless when you consume calories present in energy drinks. If you are thinking about the solution to this problem then do not give further stress to your brain as we have come up with a brilliant substitute for energy drinks, that is, “coffee”. Coffee manufactured by Arabica coffee beans manufacturers is less heavy for you as well as for your pocket. The common thing about coffee and energy drinks is caffeine. Caffeine amount present in both the drinks is almost same. To answer the question that why coffee should be preferred over energy drinks, read the following article:

1.Coffee has no natural sugar

Coffee does not contain any sugar content and hence, it does not spoil your efforts invested in heavy workouts. On the other hand, energy drinks contain tons of sugar which can actually ruin your aim to stay fit. Some energy drinks even claim that their product is sugar-free but in reality, these drinks contains artificial sweeteners. Instead of doing good, these energy drinks harm your body. Coffee is a far better option than an energy drink as you do not have to add your calorie count for the day when you drink it.

2.Coffee can be consumed in any season

Coffee can be consumed hot or cold. There is no effect of coffee’s temperature over its benefits. Coffee can be served hot during winters and it hardly makes any difference but energy drinks cannot be consumed hot. Just imagine chilled energy drink running down your spine in the winters. You may end up catching a cold. Therefore, it is a good choice to consume coffee even in the winters.

3.Price matters the most

Energy drinks can become a burden on your pocket as they are more than expensive. Not everyone can afford the costly energy drinks; whereas, coffee is the cheapest source of getting energy after a heavy workout. To revive the lost energy, you can make 34 cups of coffee in just $20. Hence, there is no doubt that coffee is a long way better than energy drinks.


4.Coffee has no doubtful ingredient

We are sure that you are aware of the fact that energy drinks contain artificial color, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Moreover, the caffeine content present in it is also artificial. On the other hand, coffee is natural marvelous drink. Its fabulous taste, color and benefits are already present in it. There are no harmful chemicals or preservatives in coffee. If you do not want to risk your life then switch from energy drinks to coffee.

5.Taste is the name of game

Coffee has a magical taste and no other beverage can beat the natural flavor present in it; whereas, energy drinks taste like bitter medicines. Why would anyone like to compromise with their taste when there is no need to?

6.The caffeine amount in both the drinks is almost same

If you are thinking that energy drink provides more energy and refreshment as compared to coffee then you are wrong. According to the studies, 8 oz. of drip coffee has around 110-150mg caffeine and artificial energy drinks have 80-200 mg caffeine. Therefore, it not the drink that is making a difference but the difference is in the amount of the drink you are consuming. Thus, it can be easily concluded that the caffeine amount present in both the drinks is almost the same.

7.Overdosing energy drink can land you in hospital

There are is an ever ending list of cases of hospitalization and even death due to consumption more amount of energy drinks than required. In the case of coffee, though over dosage can land you in problems such insomnia and fatigue, hospitalization and death occur in rarest of rare cases. Hence, if you want to save your life then you should be very careful about the amount of energy drink to be consumed.

8.Energy-drinks have many side effects

Energy drinks have many harmful side effects. It not only weakens the strength of your body in the long run but has many health risks such as palpitation, high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, stillbirths in pregnant women, poor dental health, obesity, etc. The practice of mixing energy drinks with alcohol also carries a risk as it causes awake drunkenness. This can lead to dangerous effects like rash driving, etc. On the other hand, coffee, if consumed in an appropriate quantity does not have many side effects.

Preference of coffee over energy drinks is highly recommended if you want to stay fit in the long run. If you find this information valuable then do share a word about it with your friends and family.


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