A Brief Introduction To Mesh Coils And Its Pros & Cons
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A Brief Introduction To Mesh Coils And Its Pros & Cons

A Brief Introduction To Mesh Coils And Its Pros & Cons

For sub-ohm vapers, there are a whole lot of variables that affect the total experience. The coils are similar to gatekeepers, dictating e-juice grip, draw tightness, taste, cloud production, and more.

The conventional design is straightforward. Conventional vape coils act as a heating element by wrapping around the coil in a spring pattern. This made them economical to make and easy to design.

However, now that the mesh has been introduced, it solved plenty of design restrictions and pain points that round cable coils were infamous for.

Best of all, pretty much any sub-ohm tank can be used with a mesh coil, provided that it is designed to fit the socket. Most major vape firms have their line of mesh coils.

So how can these new products operate and what makes mesh coils so special that they might well replace their round wire counterparts?

An Intro to Vape Mesh Coils

Although new to the pre-built sub-ohm genre, the net isn’t a new technology. In reality, it’s obsolete among its original users. Specifically, mesh used to be the default wicking material in rebuildable devices until natural cotton took its location.

But beyond the RTA/RDA planet, the mesh is the newest innovation.

When you have a look at a mesh coil, then you will see where it gets its label. Throughout the opening of a round wire coil, you’ll see the familiar coil layout. However, when you look at a net coil, you see – well – net.

Mesh coils change the normal wire heating element and use the metallic mesh instead. This simple design change provides a world of advantages that round wire coils failed to achieve.

Benefits of Mesh Coils

There are several great reasons to try mesh coils. Whether you’re into cloud or flavor, chances are this new layout will have you hooked.

Mesh coils gain the upper hand in several ways, but these stem from one single attribute. Their design allows the element to pay a larger surface area and keep heat throughout.

Faster Firing

One key advantage to net coils is that they fire or “ramp up” more quickly than standard coils. This makes for a more efficient, powerful hit that delivers a fantastic dose of cloud and flavor.

Better Vapor and Flavor

Speaker of improved hits, the large surface area enables a huge amount of e-liquid to be vaporized at once. As a result, you get much more vapor and – by default – improved flavor.

Combine this with the fact that (again), mesh coils ramp up faster, and it gets the winning combination.

Improved Flavor

This one is a bit subjective but worth mentioning if you have some Cheap e-juice that seems kind of “meh” if you taste it.

Some vapers claim that net coils make the taste better, not just stronger. Whether that is true or not probably depends upon a lot of things, including private perception.

Additionally, it is worth noting that if you make yourself believe that mesh coils provide better taste, then there’s a fantastic chance you’ll feel it, regardless of the truth.

Nonetheless, it’s not exactly a stretch to think that better coils will improve the whole vaping experience.


A debilitating reality many vapers face is that not every hit is the same. Some are less cloudy or flavorful than others. In worse cases, you might wind up with an occasional dry strike.

That happens since the spiral design doesn’t even come into contact with the cotton wick. Consequently, it generates “hotspots” in which the substance is more strained. This also happens to be a prime location or burnt VG to collect.

Mesh, on the other hand, covers the whole surface area of the wick. This ensures even heating and equally even strikes.

Longer Lasting Coils

Again, as a result of the warmth not being focused in a single area, the pressure on net coils is remarkably reduced. Vapers who utilize net coils might discover that they’re replacing the parts less often than with round cable. Ultimately, this saves time and money.

More Power Efficient

All coils have their ideal (and minimal ) wattage ranges. The fantastic thing about mesh coils is you don’t have to make them over 100 watts to get amazing performance (like with round wire).

This is particularly useful for lower wattage devices or direct output mods, where lower optimal wattage levels imply the battery can operate them effectively for longer intervals.

Disadvantages of Mesh Coils

Given what we know, switching to net coils seems like a done deal. But not so quickly. There are some disadvantages to consider before trying them out.

E-Liquid Consumption

Sub-ohm devices are notorious for their e-juice consumption – a trade-off due to their big clouds and strong taste. But net coils effectively increase that problem.

Yes, these coils offer better strikes, faster heating, larger clouds, and stronger flavor. But these all come at a cost. You can not accomplish these things without having juice.

So while you could save money on coils, odds are your e-juice budget may require a bit of a boost.

Health Concerns

While the consensus is that vaping introduces a minuscule health hazard compared to smoking, we still don’t have exactly the identical sort of long-term information in comparison to decades of tobacco research.

If there’s some danger associated with inhaling PG or even VG – however remote – inhaling larger quantities of it will make the possible health impact worse.

Observe how you are feeling after using mesh coils. Should you develop a cough or other odd symptoms, consider switching back and speaking to a doctor.

Heat Preference

This one isn’t universally bad, but for a few, it’s a deal-breaker. Mesh coils tend to be easier on the inhale only because they do not generate as much heat.

Some vapers like the sensation of a strong, warm draw. Should you happen to be among those individuals, then mesh may not be your thing.

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