A Guide to Choose the Genuine Moving Company

A Guide to Choose the Genuine Moving Company

Have you finalized your moving plan? Are you planning to seek help from Agarwal Packers? Did you found a new house and completed the rest of the formalities?

There are millions of decisions to make while moving from one place to another. There are plenty of things to look after especially when you decide to seek professional help. This is the most important requirement that you cannot deny under any circumstances. For the sake of the security of your goods, it is beneficial to hire an expert. Now, if you are thinking of the services that a moving company offers then you can go through the below-mentioned points:

• Assembling and disassembling of furniture and other articles

• Packing of all category of items whether they are heavy or delicate

• Loading each and everything carefully

• Transporting to the desired location with a risk coverage facility

• Unloading and unpacking goods at your place

• Rearrangement of goods as per your desires

In short, they offer end-to-end moving services which can be used by individuals as well as business. The size of a move doesn’t matter; if you have opted for reliable yet potential moving professionals then you don’t need to worry about anything associated with your move.

And in my today’s post, I will be sharing the numerous factors to look for while choosing a moving company.

First of all, we are going to divide the entire searching and choosing process into three categories: Finding, bargaining, and then finalizing.

But before, proceeding further, you should start evaluating moving companies as it an important aspect to opt for a genuine one. It is essential; to get in touch with at least 2-3 companies. The only purpose behind this is that you will be getting different options along with the distinctive services and prices.

1. Finding- An extensive screening of authentic movers is the most important step and you cannot afford to miss it for sure. It is the process of examining the basic business registration, tax insurance, etc to ensure that you are dealing with a proper organization, not an unprofessional individual. There is a huge difference between working with a company and an individual. It is easy for a person to trust any company rather than an individual as it is believed that a single person operating can easily run away but not a full-fledged company.

While the search process is going on, you have to focus only on establishing the fact that a business organization can be trusted only if it has the below-given documents and papers available with it.

• Relevant trade license

• Business incorporation certificate

• PAN Card

• GST certificate

• ADHAAR card

• Bank account

• ISO certification

This crucial step will help you to recognize whether the vendors that you have shortlisted consist of any fraudster or not. There are numerous movers and packers out there that have formed their company with a single goal i.e. to dupe the customers by either keeping their goods at hostage until they demand more money or damaging their goods due to the implementation of unprofessional moving and packing techniques.

2. Bargaining- When you are planning to shift your stuff, you do not only want a reputable moving company by your side but also wish to ensure that you are opting for the services at the right price. Nobody is happy to avail overpriced services everyone wishes to get the best services at negotiated rates. Whereas, there are many ways to bargain and reduce the moving charges.

Now when you have opted for a few trusted companies, the next step is to get a reduction in the prices. And to get them down, you should ask for better deals. Several ongoing offers are prevailing in the name of seasonal discounts, first-time user offers, and many others. Also, know about the price computation that they have been following. Ask them to visit your home for surveying the goods as this will help you to get the real stock of items that are meant to be moved and when you will meet them in person, you can easily get answers to all your other queries too.

Also, it is the right opportunity to talk to the surveyor and ask for some negotiation directly by showing the quotations from other different companies. Let them know that you have some other options also and you are considering them amongst them.

Remember, do not over negotiate, I mean don’t be so harsh while bargaining, be soft and slow. I mean its okay to use your skills, but not to the extent where the moving companies get forced to compromise with the quality of their services.

3. Finalizing- We are here on the final stage that is booking. After you have done with the negotiation part, it is the time to finalize a vendor. But before that, you should finalize the payment terms and other services. Normally moving companies ask for partial payments. Some of them keep the ratio as 80:20 or 70:30 and so on. But there is always a possibility to get a better payment option. You can negotiate it too.

Another important thing that needs to be considered is the delivery terms:

• Date of packing and loading

• Date of final delivery

• Confirmation whether it is a door to door delivery or not

• Does the cost of insurance has been added in the quotation

• Is there any cost present?

And now when you have decided and finalized all the crucial terms of service and payment, you must book Agarwal packers and movers for your next move.

Moreover, if you have followed these three step process, you can easily get hold on your entire moving process and you can easily get the wonderful services for all other types of moves too.

I hope you find the above information reliable and you may have a successful move ahead.

Happy Moving!

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