A One Stop Shop of Custom Printed Boxes

A One Stop Shop of Custom Printed Boxes

The application of the printing on the boxes has broadened the scope of the products in the business world. The printing of logo, ingredients, images, symbols, colors or textures has market potential. We provide to a business sector an advance printing strategy which is not offered by any in the market yet. We want to make your communication strong with your customers, so our company has a strong policy to send its staff for training sessions internationally to stay in touch with the advancement in the print media.

Production flexibility with the fabrication of printing

We own faster presses with 100ppm speed to coat many papers in one go without any delay with with stability and density because advance machines have a privilege of automatic colour technology. The labeling is in fact the words for your products which we handle without error and deliver to your customers with clarity. This clarity is only possible with the soy ink which we use in these machines and never get any negative feedback. The other add ons like lamination of neon colors with UV spot are dual in purpose. They embossed or debossed permanently without fading away. The Custom Printed Boxes on any shape or style of the box are the additive stuff  which decorates your boxes and line up them in top categories. The unique texture stock is available , which customers can match according to their themes or our graphic designers can guide you to choose from them or to create new.

We cut costs, though we use all the traditional and advance system like digital printing

From silk printing screening to digital printing , we serve with all the techniques on the demand of the customers, whether he wants to go with an orthodox pattern or advance ones. The lithography ,flexography ,screen printing or digital printing all is operating under the supervision of professional and competent workers. The ink is mounted impermeably that no place remains vacant. Browse our name, and you will find our packaging company’s name at the top of the list.

Custom printed boxes at wholesale

The facilities to work on the boxes by covering them with colors and images is our responsibility. The 3D mock or sample will be delivered or showed to you for your approval. If the amendments are required, we do them free of cost. Produce a high quality printing at wholesale and shine like a star among so many other competitors.

Enrich your business by availing our services

From intricate to simple printing and colour combinations are well handled at our place with a friendly team members. The customers have rights to customize the printed boxes on their own with as much element as they want for their satisfaction. Sit calmly and just order within a click, otherwise you may visit our outlet for physical visuals. Our human resource department will further guide you if you misled somewhere. We give the words that your order will be placed within 6-8 working days without any harm and free shipping or delivery charges.

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