A Perfect Place To Promote All Your Events

A Perfect Place To Promote All Your Events

You might be aware of most of the event posting sites for promoting events. There are hundreds right? It often gets difficult to decide which one to go for. Since an event is a huge thing, you sure don’t want to end up promoting it on a random site. An event is successful only when it gets a good platform for promotion and a better audience reach. Manage to make your event successful without spending a dime on it. Flockstation is a one stop solution for all your event needs. You can use it to generate raw traffic, improve your search engine rankings, gain visibility on your event and so on. Plus where can you get a promotional site which doubles up as a social network too? Flockstation is a perfect place to promote all your events. Find out why.

Promote Business

Advertise For Free

Advertisements have become a basic marketing strategy for all. With flockstation you can post happenings and events. In addition to this you can provide classes, activities and workshops. Exhibitions or fleas, make people aware about every happening of yours by simply registering on flockstation and posting it there. It is simple and hassle free and generates a large traffic. Also it’s free. There is not a single dime that you need to spend for advertising your happening. Simply post a happening on flockstation and increase the historical timeline of your event.


Now this is one thing which is very essential. Whether you have a well-established business or you have just started out, branding or making your company known to millions is a huge thing. Do it right and start right over with flockstation. Because for any organization to strive, contacts and correct marketing is important. Inform, reflect, crusade and connect with people interested in your brand. It will help you establish yourself as a brand when you create a folio of your company. A folio is like your own business page, your web page. Help people find you and create a strong branding.

Useful insights & Interactive Forum

 On any regular site you might see the number of users who have seen your event and the number who have bought your tickets. But where can you actually see the names of users who have shown interest in your happening? Flockstation is super interactive and it boasts of an insights and forum section. No bragging but these are some features which you might not find on any of the event posting sites. The insights gives you information about the daily, weekly and monthly traffic on your happening. It is much useful when it comes to handling ticket sales. It shows you the gained fund, remaining fund and average monthly sales. Also tickets sold along with names of the buyer and the number of remaining tickets. Get an entire list of people attending your event with names and other credentials. Talking about the forum section, it comes with an extra topping of ‘Interaction’. Flockstation has gone a notch higher and it lets you set meetings with people interested in your happening beforehand. You can resolve any queries and chat privately. Hold a meeting with a user by simply sending them a meeting request at a pre-decided date and time. Where else can you find all these!

Unique Map Feature

What if people cannot locate your happening. They might give up on the idea of attending your event and chances are that you might lose customers. Save yourself this horror with flockstation. It gives you a unique map feature similar to google maps. It automatically adjusts to the user’s location and shows happenings and activities near your user. So that they can easily find your event. Clicking on your happening pin on the map, the users can directly find address and location details including ways of reaching to the venue. It will assist users with the directions to let them reach their destination easily.

Ticket Portal

Save yourself the hassle of managing ticket sales. Flockstation gives you the advantage of conducting financial transaction with ease. It provides you payment gateways for easy cash handling. The insights section shows you gained funds, remaining funds and average monthly sales. Posting a happening is absolutely free on flockstation if your event is free. In case of a paid event, flockstation charges you 15% of the total ticket sales made from Flockstation’s website which includes taxes and VAT.

Register with flockstation and enjoy the added advantages of a social media. Flockstation is also your media and travel event partner. All this unique advantages makes flockstation the perfect place for promoting your happenings.

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