Advantages and Limitations of Powder Coating

Advantages and Limitations of Powder Coating

Before you want to get any kind of training for anything or any new technology, you must be aware about the pros and cons of that thing. And even before that you must be aware about the basic of that thing. So if you are ready to undergo powder coating training, then you must know the advantages and limitation of it and before that you should know what powder coating is?

Powder coating is a combination of pigments and curatives which are cooled and then put together to create a powdery substance which is more like a baking flour. This powder then sprayed on various metals with a system which is known as electrostatic spray deposition and creates a protective bond on the metal which is better than other forms of coating.

Advantage: It is environment friendly

Today with a huge awareness everyone is looking for the alternative option which is more environment friendly then their older methods, to play their part in making the society less polluted. Powder coating is a green process, which means it is completely an environment friendly process, which makes it better option for coating purpose compare to other methods. The product emits no volatile pollutant, produces no paint sludge, and does not create any substance or pollutant which is by any means can be hazardous to environment. This is among its first benefit which makes it more preferred option in these days.

Advantages/Limitation: The Uses

This method generally appears good no matter how the person has applied it on the metal but the learning curve which comes due to learning how to imply powder coating effectively can be problematic. You can make more mistakes with this method as compared to liquid coating but without proper powder coating training it is difficult. It has a huge benefit which is why you can without getting it sagged you can create the coating as much as thick you want unlike liquid coating. The system used in this coating allows to cover the irregularities in a better way and make sure that every nook and cranny is effectively protected. This material has some finish options like clear, metallic, plain color or textured. It helps to give your more creativity like the liquid coating and avoid the problems which you might facing in liquid coating. The only limitation is that as they are too many option, you can get overwhelmed, but the experts can help you to get the best combination.

Major Advantage: Offer better Protection

This method offers more protective and stronger covering which is corrosion and damage resistant to various sources like acids, debris or solvents and from any electoral currents.

Now you are aware about every required thing which you need to know to start your powder coating training. Now you just need an expert to start your training, which you get at RM Coating Supplies.

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