Advantages of buying tirupur t shirts at wholesale

Advantages of buying tirupur t shirts at wholesale

Until the 20th century, Tiruppur (or Tirupur) was only known for its agricultural land. And more than 95% of people were engaged in farming and related occupations. However, the emergence of industrialization in the early 20th century paved the way for a textile boom in the city. Surprisingly, this transformed the agricultural city into a major textile hub in no time. Since then, they have been proudly flagged as the ‘knitwear capital of India’.

Though the journey began with some small-scale units, today the city houses more than ten thousand garment manufacturing units. The industries employ more than 0.6 million people. Majorly, they make cotton knitwear, hosieries, casual wear, sportswear, etc. If you’re a retailer or shop owner looking to buy from a Tirupur t shirts wholesaler, check out the below-listed advantages.

After seeing the quality of knitwear products and steady growth in exports from the city, the government of India plans to replicate the Tirupur textile hub and create seventy-five such hubs across the states in the country. This proves how significant the Tirupur textile hub is to the country.

The top advantages of buying t shirts from a Tirupur clothing supplier

1. Textile Industrial Parks

Special industrial parks or complexes in the city greatly support the production of t-shirts and other knitwear in wholesale quantities. The two major are the ‘Nethaji Apparel Park’ with more than fifty companies and the ‘Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Complex’ with more than two hundred units.

2. The city is in close proximity to ports

The city is close to major South Indian ports like Tuticorin, Kochi, and Chennai. This enables it to swiftly export wholesale orders to various countries, like the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Thus, they have become one of the global centers for cloth manufacturing and a leader in wholesale clothing India.

3. The companies are specialized

There are different clusters of companies in the citythat specialize in particular jobs. For example, some companies serve as yarn manufacturers. Some are involved in sewing. Some are in dyeing or cloth making.

4. Best-in-class, reliable clothing

The quality of the fabric or the knitwear is world-class, without any defect in the making. The clothes that are exported from Tirupur will have to go through stringent quality control processes. Thanks to the strong framework or quality regulations that are already in place.

5. Big brands import from Tiruppur

Many international labels source textiles from Tirupur city. Notably, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Lee Cooper, Adidas, H&M, Reebok, etc. import tirupur clothing for competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and 100% quality.

6. The cloth dyeing process is much quicker

According to one of the Harvard Business School reports, the city is found to turn around wholesale orders much more quickly and at competitive prices. The report says it takes only around 10 days for Tirupur to complete the dyeing orders. Other cities in the country, like Surat, Ludhiana, or Kolkata, take up to 40 days to complete the dyeing orders.

7. A major exporter of clothing in the country

Tiruppur is also called the ‘dollar city’ as it highly contributes to garment exports from India. In 2010, the city exported garments worth US$2.5 billion. By the end of the next ten years (2021–22), the city had exported clothing worth 480 billion USD. This accounts for approximately 54% of the total textile exports from India. Once again, this proves why big brands are fond of Tiruppur clothing and show interest in buying from garment wholesalers in Tirupur.

8. Buying t-shirts from Tiruppur is effortless

Most wholesalers in the city recommend buyers effectively make use of online shopping. It saves a lot of time, money, and effort for the shopkeepers, as they avoid unnecessary travel to check the sample garments. In fact, resellers can order small minimum order quantities (MOQs) for their shops and need to struggle to find a warehouse or a godown for piling up the stocks.

9. Wholesale prices are truly satisfying

Though the industry is labor-intensive, the manufacturing companies in Tiruppur have advanced machinery and equipment that greatly reduce manufacturing costs. Thus, they can sell top-notch garments at competitive prices.

10. Trustable wholesale cloth market in India

When compared to other city clothing manufacturers, the Tiruppur manufacturers are quite trustworthy. Because there is no loophole to sell defective or low-grade clothing. If you have to become a wholesale clothing supplier in Tiruppur, then you have to abide by quality norms, manufacturing best practices, zero waste discharge, etc.

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